Where is everyone??

I know its bank holiday but where are you all?? lol. Im getting bored here all on my own. My lot are all in bed except for my lo and its pouring outside, what a horrible day!! Come on ladies talk to me! lol. xxx


  • Hi, Ive been around for a while. My lo got up at 6.45! Its not raining here YET and I want some trousers so we are off shopping soon-when she is dressed, to beat the crush. Dont know if the rain is going to reach us or not- near Leeds, but its very windy. Have you any plans?
  • Ive been up since 7, thats a lie in for me! lol. I hope you dont get the rain especially if your going shopping! Ohh i need some jeans but im not going out in this weather! Dont have any plans might venture out later if the weather gets better. Hope you get yourself a bargain at the shops! x
  • Thanku. Hope the rain stops for you!
  • Hey, i've been up since half five, its pouring with rain here. My DH is driving up to london today to see stockport county play at wembley stadium!! Bless him. I'm stuck in all day now image i really need to learn to drive!! My LO is being very adorable today, i swear she is thiking of saying dada, she is making the sound, but doesn't know what it means lol xx
  • I dont drive either, and my oh is a driving instructor! lol. Were not that far from wembly. How old is your lo? x
  • I'm here too, also pouring with rain here. I have to go to work this afternoon. No lo to wake me early, but my dogs did, does that count?! image
  • Hooray, im no longer lonely! I knew i could rely on you ladies. Yep it counts if youve got dogs! lol. xx
  • how annoying, its a beautiful day here in scotland and i am working!!!!

    hope you all enjoy the day!!!
  • What a bummer danipink, thats not fair that you have to go to work is it? I hope your day isnt too stressful! xx
  • Oh ok, glad my dogs count! Wish I had the sun, even though I'm going to work later! xx
  • Well, I got up at 9.30. Being a poas addict, I just had to do the deed. I know its to early to test but I am an addict.
    My kids are driving us mad cos they want to go out somewhere, but looking out of the window, I dont think we will be going far.
    At the moment, I am sat on my bed with my laptop on my knee and im eating a lovely strawberry yogurt for breakfast.
  • Our LO was 6 months old yesterday!! So is it still raining in wembley?? Any chance the match will be rained off?? Bloody hope not. We're in Plymouth xx
  • Yep im sure it will be raining in wembley, it might be rained off! lol. Wow 6mths and trying for another! xx You poas babymonkey, tut, tut, slap your wrist. lol. xx Hi summer41, yes i got your email, i sent you 1. How are you hun? xx
  • i think i might go shopping today to cheer me up
    but i will NOT buy any ov tests. hehe. actually i won't be able to as DH will be with me and i'm sure he would stop me!

  • LOL mrs_e!!! I know I'm not allowed any either!!!

    Nice to see you back hun xx
  • day is really quiet so no stress at all!! can't really get anything done as everyone else is off!! no idea why we are in today!!!

    not overly bothered about the weather, although it looks lovely and sunny i went out and the wind would cut you in half!!!

    enjoy all the shoppin hope theres a bargin to be found!!!
  • Im soooooooooooooooo bored. Just done some painting in hallway and lo is asleep on sofa and oH is out with the pup. I was hoping to chat with my CBL's but I cant find them anywhere. No way am I going out today the windy rainy freezing cold!!! But I have noone to chat to!!!!
    ooh just heard OH walk through the door maybe he'll entertain me!
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