TMI photo's

I saw this on another forum so thought I'd share, some of you may have seen it already. It's a bit graphic but interesting and although I've started checking my cervix, I'm still at a loss, LOL. I only wish I had that EWCM, I did for the first 3 months off the pill and now I'm soooooo dry.

Scroll down to the photo's but you've been warned.................


  • eeewwww *vomit* not these again!!! Lol!

    We had a post on this the other day! i agree we its interesting i'm a serial cervix checker so its nice to see how it changes through the month...but i again i stres the eeewww!!!
  • Sorry, I should have known that these had been seen before. After seeing it though it's no wonder I don't know what I'm doing as the pics aren't that drastically different each day.

    They are too graphic but as I seem to have brought it up again I just have to ask.....(TMI and shows how dumb I am!).......... Ok so I get the hard and soft bit as it feels like the nose etc, the high and low bit I'm assuming relates to how far up it is (cringe). Ok now the open bit???? Is it the little hole bit that is on the pics?? Being more open??? If that's the case then It's no wonder I'm not pg as I swear I have no hole, LOL. I did think I felt a lump bit and think it could even be the egde of the hole perhaps. Anyway if that's where the sperm have to enter then no wonder it's so bloody hard work!!! Not even commenting on getting a baby out if that's the point of exit!!!

    Glad to have you around Lilac for all my cervix checking Q's x

  • Hi Porky.

    Those pics are like a car crash, you just can't help looking! I don't check my cervix at the moment, but that hole is where sperm have to enter. Luckily it increases in size quite a lot, when baby has to come through! image

    I'm also not surprised how hit and miss it is trying to get pg, the little guys have to be sent in the right direction!image


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  • I know what you mean, I've looked again, oops. Maybe we should just buy turkey basters and then we know that it goes in the hole, eek. Cannot imagine that getting to 10cm's, right now though I'd like the chance of that bit as I just want a lo. Will have to tell my DH to improve his aim, LOL.
  • It would be easier if we had the camera pointed up there, and a big headlight, like that poor girl!

    Personally think she's a bit mad, but there you go! It's very helpful to us lot!! lol

    Mind you if she's training to be a midwife...wouldn't put my name to it! xx
  • I think that these are truly fascinating however I am probably looking at it from a scientific point of view. I did however show my husband and he was also fascinated by the photos. I have always struggled to understand where my own cervix is exactly located and I found this very interesting.
    Having also already had a baby I was also fascinated that tiny little hole opens to 10cm!!
  • I think I'm gonna be!!!

    That was way too much tmi for me! But I guess it was useful!

    Still I don't think my stomach will settle for days after seeing that - could job I'd already eaten!!!

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