My BFP story....

Hi ladies, i used to love reading about how people got there BFPs so i thought i would do one of my own for you.
I had my last period 3rd july, we then started bedding every other day from cd9. we would bed missionary ;\) with a pillow under my bum, i would then put a pre-prepared pad and knickers on so not to dribble lol. i would then sleep with the pillow under me and not go tothe toilet until the next morning.
the hubby also strarted taking zinc supplements. i also started using clearblue ovulation sticks as of cd10 (i went through 2 packets). id read that as i have a 28day cycle usually that i would probobly ovulate around cd14, this came an i got no smiley face on my cb. i didnt get my first smiley until cd19 and got another one on cd20 then none. we had last bed on cd17 so 2 days before the smiley so we bd on cd19 (smiley face), cd20 (smiley face) and cd 21 (no smiley face) we then bed again on cd 23.
3DPO - on 3dpo i had cramps on /off all day, they didnt hurt just slightly uncomfortable.
4 DPO - and had them again slightly on 4dpo, aswell on 4dpo i had very sensitive nipples, they didnt
hurt though.
5DPO - cramping has stopped, slightly sensitive nipples but nothing like 3dpo.
6DPO - noticed blue veins on my nipples (dh said theyve probobly always been there but he cant
remember :lolimage
7DPO - veins still. i have 1 big pronounced vein on one nipple and about 3 less pronounced on the
other) other than that no symptoms. although i had really bad trapped wind at about 5pm (i think
thats what it was)
8DPO - i woke up and had what i thought was the start of my period (looked a bit like brown wee) when
i wiped, this turned into a bit of brown discharge later in the day. i also had a bit of cm with a
pink dot in it. this wasnt heavy enough for a pad and was only when i wiped. so i though my
period was going to start the next day.:cry:
9DPO - period never came same as 8dpo still not heavy. did a preg test - negative, was sure af was
10/11DPO - my period was due at 10 dpo. same as had 8/9dpo, still no need for a pad, no cramping (i
usually have cramping day before af).
12 DPO - very hungry today and tired. still no proper af so took a first response test at about 6.20pm and
BFP!!!!!! image
13DPO - did a cb digital with fmu BFP - 1-2weeks. had trapped wind and lots of wind aswell!! v.smelly
sorry tmi.

im now 4weeks +4days so went to the docs today, she has referred me to the midwife who i have to wait to ring me at 8-9wks so thats about 4 - 5 weeks to wait.....
told her about my discharge - she said this was perfectly fine and that it was probobly becaouse my period would have been due. she also said some women go on the have a little bleed when the next period would be due! so that has made me feel a bit better.

Hope you enjoyed reading and i hope it makes you all feel a bit more positive. forot to add it was our 2nd month trying. if you want to know any more let me know (i know what i was like i wanted to know everything lol.)

good luck xxxxxxxx


  • Congrats on your bfp hun. I was gonna test tomorrow at 10dpo but after reading that I might wait till sat when I'm 12. Its amazing how u can have no symptoms one day then be starving and tired the next. Its given me some hope cos at the min ifeel normal!
    Thank you for sharing with
  • Well done! Congratulations! Interesting read lol
  • thankyou, i know how these stories always made me feel better so hopefully they made u feel more positive.
    im still hungry and i HAVE to have snacks in between meals. also still tired but not overly tired yet.
    xxxxxx good luck xxxxxxx

  • Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story!

    It really does help to hear how you got your BFP!

    H and H 9 months for you x
  • Congratulations! Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months image xx
  • Big congratulations. Hope you have a healthy pg. Long time to wait until you see the mw isnt' it, but it was like this when I was pg with my lo.

    Interesting you say about trapped wind - as I am sure I had a sore tummy when I was pg with lo, and have it again at the moment - so hopefully a positive sign.

    Apart from when you had spotting, and were hungry on 12dpo - did you feel completely normal ie didn't feel pg? you had sensitvie bb on 5dpo - were they sensitve at any point in time after that?

    congratulations again
  • hi, ye i didnt feel pregnant at all, my boobs werent sensitive at all after 5dpo i think, this made me think that i wasnt pregnant and that my sensitive nipples were a sign of my ovulation.
    i dint feel anything other than hunger and tired on 12dpo when i got my bfp, but again i thought this was a sign that my af was near. i was in utter shock when i got my bfp, so no signs is sometimes a good sign lol.
    good luck let me know how u get on xxxxxx

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