what in the world is going on......

okay- any advice would be greatly appreciated....... i'm driving myself crazy-

12dpo- been cramping, achy, took test 11dpo- bfn
af- due this tuesday-
this morning at gym had brown spotting after spin class (sorry tmi), then nothing until just a minute ago, felt something in my undies- thought it was going to be af arriving 3 days early- which never happens- and it was like watery cm???? is this a good thing? i'm so confused this month and so sick of seeing the cycles come and go every single month.........


  • Sorry hun didnt want to r&r same thing was happening to me and I got af 5 days late but was spotting and brown cm after she was due.

    Fingers crossed its something different for you tho - maybe your BFP, when are you due to test again?

  • Hi Ally, I don't have any answers for you sorry but I just wanted to say to try and not to read too much into everything, last month I had so many symptoms that my head was spinning and AF arrived bang on time, It is not long till Tues so wait till then to test again and try and chill and enjoy the festive period. I had a few bursts of watery CM last month too, one even had some blood in it that I convinced myself was implantation but it wasn't. It's so hard not to symptom spot I know though lol. Wish you all the luck in the world for a BFP xx
  • 11dpo is too early to test and get an accurate result. i thought that once you got your bfp cm would stop, as its to help the spermies along. that was logical to me. but no, since being pg cms been constant, so a good sign.
  • well- you girls seem to be right- my temp went way way down this morning- Broody, you are right it is so hard not to ss, i have been on this journey for a long time- i have ss, not ss, not used opk, not tracked bbt, and nothing has worked- prayed to God and everything else that i thought would help- oh well- patiently waiting for af to arrive- good luck girls!!! and thanks for your responses
  • hey becks- yep she got me today- so its onto month 16..... weird thing is af was not due till tuesday? so my lp went from 14 to 12 days this month? first time that has ever happened? here's hoping for jan bfp- we have fertilty appt on the 11th
  • Sorry to hear that ally, i think our body sometimes likes to play games with our head..
    Good luck for a january bean!
  • sorry to hear that ally. all the best for a jan BFP x
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