Can you cervix be high so i can hardly touch it and still not OV? My cerix since this morning is so high i can't really reach it yet still no ezcm?

I bd'd last night think I will again tonight, if hubby can image



  • No idea on the high cervix no O bit but you can O and get pg without ewcm. Goodluck, it'd be perfect for you to get your BFP on your 1st month, it'd save you going crazy like me too, LOL! Hope Mr Lou feels frisky for you this weekend, you go girl x
  • LOL your so funy I hope he does too, I saw him at lunch time and he was like right are we bding tonight or what LOL and I was like yup my cerevix is high so lets do it, so romantic!!

    I am hoping it just means i am a day or so away from OV but we will do it now anyway. It just messes up the dates as to when you think you are on your two week wait or when i am due on. I thought it was the 30th of this month i should be on but now I am not sure.

    I would be over the moon if we were lukcy enough to fall in the first month but I don;t think I am that lucky xxxxx
  • Does high cervix mean you're ovulating?
  • I think so , I can't really feel mine though get ready for waaaaay to much info but I just did a check in the loo and my cm is changing it;s becoming more wet and also i can now strech bits to 1 cm which i could not do before so i hope this means I am due to OV tomorrow or sunday though i should still be fertile today so will be bding tonight if we can image

  • what cd are you on k-lou? xx
  • Today will be dc14 image i am a bit lost though as I came off the pill like three weeks agos as you know and so I am waiting for my real period though i have to look at this month as 28 d cyc though i seem to be OV now (i think) which would make it 28 days?

  • Im not sure how you work out all that stuff after the pill because I had mirena coil in.
    Im on cd15 - very close, have no idea when af due as my cycles are rather irregular could be anything between 25 and 44 days long!! But I have had 2 cycles that were 31days although one was last year and the other last month. x x
  • You are meant to count about 14 days from the 1st day of your AF and then thats when you should be OV though this is differnt for many women so it's hard you know?

  • Others know loads more than me but it's approx 14 days back so say 30 days is cd 16 for O approx. It's not always 14 but it needs to be over 10 I think and up to about 16. They say cd14 for a typical 28 day cycle. The worst bit is that you don't know how long your cycle will be so you will have to keep an eye on things to get to know. As my cycles got shorter and then longer then I have no idea therefore I take like 14 off my shortest and my longest cycles but am left with a huge window of opportunity. I hope you are O as that would give you a great cycle length. Keep up the BD'ing though to cover it.

    Sorry if I've confused you more. I know general bits but unless you have a regular cycle or O signs then it's a guessing game.

  • i know because I think if you have a cycle longer than 28days then you ov later because its down to the lutheal phase. So I normally dont worry about when Im ov just concentrate on the BDing. This month Im more concerned about BDing every other day but its interesting to know when i may be ov. Thought I ov the other day as I have twinges on right side and excm started but earlier i got painful twinges on left side and stil have ewcm so im not really sure. x x x im still very confused
  • Fiona, forget being confused just BD BD BD BD BD and then a couple more times to seel the deal! Combining twinges and ewcm can only be a good thing so get to it hun x
  • Klou, what is your cm like just now? Keep checking on it every time you go to the loo, and have a couple attempts and dig deep (sorry tmI). I tend to get mine on 2nd attempt.

    For info, my cycles are 28days long and I ov around cd 17, and my luteal phase is about 10 days. Sorry if I confuse things, but keep bding for a few more days too.
  • Well it;s still whitish though not as much and it;s wet and not sticky. I can pull it about 1 cm apart in soem bits if you know what I mean. I will have to keep checking but it does make me feel sick LOL A few days ago liek two it was white and like lotion? but my cervix was still low it;s been high since this morning.

  • If your cervix has just moved up, that must be a good sign. It could still be another couple of days then.
  • I know I was so pleased that that happened I took that to be a good signimage

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