COD- I am going to go crazy!!

:x OMG is there anyone else out there whose OH is playing on Call Of Duty everyday?!! I am soooooo annoyed! It makes me so stressed listening to him play it!! :x Don't need this unnecessary stress!

Grrrrrrrrrr please don't let me be the only one!! :lol: xXx


  • Awwww you poor thing! I'm quite blessed that my hubby has absolutely zero interest in computer games! We do have a wii though, but that's fun cos we can play with it together!

    Good luck trying to wean him off it! :lol:
  • Yes mine bought it when it was released (think it was last week?), not sure if he has completed it but I hate listening to it too! Thankfully my hubs has a bit of a 'games' room so I stay well away! xxx
  • Hehe, he told me he will get bored of it soon because its a new game.... yeah right! LOL

    I wish we had a games room, my computer is in the same room! image grrr! Cordless headphones are a good idea... My OH has a microphone so he can talk to all his friends as he plays it... NOT good for me because if I say something to him EVERYONE playing it around the world can hear me! I once told him off for not doing the washing up and next thing my OH started laughing and loads of men were taking the piss out of me! So unfair! I have learnt to shut my mouth now image X
  • I thought your post was about cod the fish!! :lol:

    But yes, my husband is also sadly obsessed with call of duty, and was another one buying the blasted thing at midnight on the day of release!! Luckily we live in a three story house so he gets banished to the top floor to play it so from the bottom floor I can't hear him!!
  • Soooooooo jealous Magpie!!!! X
  • Snap Magpie, we live in a 3 storey too, thank god!!! Means I don't have to listen to it, bit of peace while I am on here image
  • Haha, I am not so lucky when I go to bed, as his 'games room' is directly above our bedroom!!
  • I'm even more jealous you ladies have 3 storey houses!! hehe
  • The joys of the three story house Mrs H!!! Hubby has just gone upstairs to play in now actually!!
  • Ahh mine is directly underneath me, not so good when you are trying to sleep image xxx
  • Hi CharlotteB2B, mine is always on Call of Duty 2 too - I literally have to drag him away sometimes! You have my sympathy! xx
  • Double post x

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  • If it makes you feel any better Charlotte, it is a very skinny 3 story house because it is mid-terrace!!! :lol:
  • Thank you donnat2004, it sucks doesn't it?! I have told him loads of times to come off it... his words everytime -'It's my last go!' Grrrrrr!

    Magpie, makes me feel somewhat better, bet still sounds lovely! lol Where abouts do you live in UK? xXx
  • Ah thanks! I live in Kent, how about you?
  • Yep my hubby is totally addicted - although I am secretly quite happy as I am so knackered just now it allows me to slope off to a nice bath and bed without his snoring disturbing my sleep :lol:

    After all the arguments caused by the last COD game he bought himself a pair of headphones and it's so much nicer now I don't have to hear all the horrible shooting noises - though they don't sheild his rants and swearing when he's got a bad kill ratio image
  • I do't know..... These men, eh?!! They never grow up do they?!
    I'm quite glad to never have heard of Call of Duty but I've hinted to get a Wii for Christmas as I thought it would be something we could do together and maybe get a bit competitive - heheh! Is it a good idea or am I likely to end up with the same problem.......? We only have a one bedroom flat so there's nowhere to hide! (The joys of living in London!).
    H x
  • Magpie- Ooo nice you live in Kent... I am from Hampshire.

    I think that! I told him today- I must leave you for an older man!!! LOL Joking of course but seriously isn't it strange they enjoy playing those kind of games? Suppose some women like it too, but to be honest I couldn't think of anything worse than shooting people all day. I have been at work for 9 hours and I have got back from work and he is still playing it!!!! He is getting a big slap or I am going to pull out the socket in a minute! Muhahahaha!

    I think the Wii looks good- I want the wii fit! image

  • hi charlotte, how are u other than being a cod widow? I am currently listening to the noise of ps3 batman!! lol
    wish i had a 3 story house image xx
  • Mine is currently on the ps3 (no idea what he is playing!!) giving me space to watch strictly image
    I love my 3 storey but the downside has to be the cleaning!! xx
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