CBFM Question re: bding!

Hi there

Just after some advice. Have recently bought a CBFM and wondered if it is advised to bd on ALL high and peak days as I have read that having sex daily can reduce sperm quality and amount.

Any and all ideas welcome thanks



  • Hi Hun,

    I tend to BD every other day on my high days, and then at least twice on my 2 peak days, and both times I have used it I have had my BFP on the very first cycle (unfortunetley neither of them have been sticky) so it's always worked for me!

  • Hey,

    I BD'd on my first high, not the second, on the 1st peak AM, second peak PM and then am on the following high. and had my bfp after 8 mths!!

    BD 9+5 xxx
  • There is a really interesting page about that here

    "How frequently a man has sex can impact his sperm count. A man's body does need to have time to replenish his supply of sperm. Experts are not entirely agreed on the amount of time it takes for a man to rebuild this supply, and the time may vary from man to man as well. Most researchers suggest that a man ejaculate no more than once every day and a half, or 36 hours, when they are trying to conceive."

    Hubby and I probably average out about this when ovulating as we try not to stick rigidly to the every other day rule as it feels a little mechanical, so often end up doing it two nights in a row then having a day off image
  • i am a little confused - may be a random question but what if your man ejaculates more than the one time on the same night? Are you only supposed to do it the once on the same night to conserve his swimmers or will it be ok?
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