Please can you help... Anyone!
Just done a first response test and there is a thin pink line and then a thick pink line..
Does this actually mean anything or are we seeing these??


  • Sounds like a BFP - one line will be the control line (tells you that the test has worked properly) and if there is a second line, then its the test line, ie BFP!!! Congratulations x
  • Im still not so sure though...
    Should i do another one later and see?
  • It's a BFP? Well done sweetieimage

    k XX

  • sounds like a bfp to me! congrats! xx
  • If you feel that you need to for reassurance then why not?! Perhaps go for a clear blue digital as it will tell you in words "pregnant" or "not pregnant". It definately sounds like a BFP though, x
  • Is it a case of if there is any form of line. Thick, thin faint or bold that it is a BFP?
  • Wow another BFP, a lines a line! Congratulations x
  • Thats the one, as long as there is a line, no matter how faint, and so long as it came up within the specified time limit, then its a BFP, believe it for what it is!!!! Congrats again x
  • sorry, double post!

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  • Think i will do another later and then confirm to fellow BBE peeps !
    Thanks for being there to help girlies.
  • congratualtions your pregnant!!!! xx
  • Just done another test and NO line at all - very confused now.
  • Oh no, was just to write congrats and you posted no line. Get a CBD and see what it says. Did the first line come up in the time frame or was it after? I would def invest in a CBD. Good luck hun
  • Could be a dud test, or the hCG isn't very strong. Re test tomorrow or the day after with full morning urine. xx
  • I'm with Mithical - so another one in the morning when your urine is stronger therefore the hcg will be. Just make sure you check it within the time limit. I hope it is a BFP for you xx
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