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I have been round some pregnancy forums and chat sites and this is the friendliest one. With the others its like people bark answers at you. you girls have a wonderful way with words.
Forget the rest, This ones the best!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I third that, everyone is so fantastic and supportive and i couldn't wish for a nicer set of cyber friends. Big Group HUG!
  • BIG GROUP HUG indeed, everyone is so great and supportive on here and it makes ttc a lot more bearable because if I didnt have you guys I would have no one in the same position or could understand how I feel. I think you would all agree!
    Lets raise our glasses (alcohol free champers) to US, there isnt a nicer group of cyber friends!
    love you all
    fiona xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • What I love about this site is that you can tell people your problems and not keep them bottled up and theres other people who are feeling and have felt the same thing as you.
    I feel so welcome on this site xxxxx
  • I agree totally with you.

    On other sites people seem either unwilling to give answers or 'bark' at you.

    Love popping on here to catch up on the news and get some of my questions answered.

    There doesn't seem to be anything that you can't ask or get answered by somebody.

  • I totally agree! I found this site after YAYW and had the same experience here.
    It may be just a little bit addictive but it is a real life line when you can't talk to anyone else!!
    Thank you everyone for being so lovely. xxx
  • Totally agree with it being addictive. Need a daily fix to keep my PMA up.

    Thank you one and all.

  • It certainly is addictive and you dont feel embarrassed to say "exactly" what you mean hee hee.
    Its a great group of people and we are more or less in the same boat so we know how each other feels.

    THANKS GIRLS (now, who has the great big bar of galaxy)
  • Daily fix??!!??

    Three times daily at least!!!

    **Note to self - Must find a full time job**
  • I feel just the same, I am so new to all of this and asked some really silly questions but everybody has been sooo cool and helped me out a lot. I am looking forward to getting to know you all better image

    K xx
  • Have to agree, the support and humour on here are great. Although I'm tcc a little differently I feel happy discussing it openly on here and its really good to experience the tww with all of you. Thankyou.
    Helen xxxxx(I come on at least 3 x a day too!!!)

  • Hi girls,

    I kno what you mean!! I miss not being able to get on some nights! I love the fact you can ask anything ( about anything) and not feel stupid!! Sometimes when I'm googling every symptom under the sun i come across different ttc forums and some of the responses are realy horrible and short tempered! And its meant to be responses to questions about having babies - how mean is that?? The yahoo questions and answers have to be some of the worst. The only time I have seen some thing similar on here was the time that woman came on and said she had lied to her partner about being pregnant.

    I love this site!! And i love all the ladies who are fast becoming close cyber friends!!

  • 'Here Here' haven't been on much over the weekend, and have serious withdrawal symptons, and afraid to miss anything!!!!
  • I havent posted to many bits but I do like to have a good read as it helps me! thanks for all the good advice and reading. And hell yeah it is addictive hehe! every1 is so nice which makes it really easy to keep on coming back. :\) XXX
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