Could some one please explain to me??........


Could some one please explain to me about cycle days etc... i really dont understand it all and think if i did it would help us to concieve????......

if any one has the time/patients to explain that would be a great help!

Thanks :\?:\?:\?

Lucy x


  • Hi Lucy , the trying to conceive page is helpful so is the First respomse website.
    But I agree it is confusing! easy way to monitor it is to buy an ovulation machine such as clear blue ..good luck x
  • I think little wolf summed it up quite well really!! Basically you need to have sex as much as possible around ovulation!! LIke she said, it is about between 12 - 15 days after the first day of your period. This does depend though - there are ways of finding out like ovulation predictor kits and monitoring your discharge.
    Any more questions don't hesitate to ask!
    Good luck!
  • Mollie i never looked at that site, its really good.

    Also i think fertility friend is a good site for tracking AF and eventually OV.

  • Hi Lucy,

    If you go to and register there's loads of free online tutorials which really helped me to get my head around all of the technicalities! Good luck. xx
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