The witch just got me!


  • ahhhh bugger, sorry sweetie, my af is just finishing, so lets try xtra hard this month! xxxx
  • Awwww bab really sorry, definately get your BD head on this month lol xxxx
  • I did loads this month and at the right time image oh well Lol x
  • How long have you been TTC bab? xx
  • ON 2 month 3 now,I have 2 kids and I suppose I just expect the same but I'm older lol x
  • So still in the early stages....I guess you do though I mean I have been BD nearly every day, only missed 3 days last week and this week it has been every day up till now and you think 'I have got to catch with all this BD we are doing' but old mother nature has other ideas.....cow lol.......but we'll get there hun. Good Luck xxxxx
  • Gets 2 ya don't It good luck 2 hun x
  • SNAP hols81, she got me today too!

    Not impreseed but am remaining focussed for this month.
  • I think she may be on her way to me too bloody witch!!
    Good luck ladies!
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