Anyone on CD3 using CBFM


Well another 3 days to go and it's POAS time again for me LOL

Hopefully I will only have to do it 10 times this month as this is my 2nd month using the monitor.

The great feeling last month was going from low fertility to high fertility and the best feeling was the morning I got peak fertility and a little egg symbol.... My heart was thumping with excitement

Is anyone else at the same stage as me?


  • On CD10 today, but have fairly long cycles currently, so it only started asking for tests yesterday.

    Last month when I got a high, I went to work feeling like I was on a high, then the next day when I got a peak, went to work with a big smile on my face.

    I assume a peak means at least some of my hormones are working correctly!
  • Hi I'm on cd 7 and using cbfm. Expecting to start testing on day 9 as my cycles are quite long too. Long way to go until I get a peak this month, it was day 24/25 last time round. Hoping for a bit of a shorter cycle this month though as it's now been 4 months since my mmc.
    vixs2007 a peak def means everything is working properly, so fingers crossed for bfp's for us this month. xxx
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