Bloody Men!

Warning: this is a rant!

Basically, I think I have OV'd early which has fallen when OH doing night shifts. I think I started OV'ing Friday as had white discharge, same yesterday and a bit today. OH finished yesterday morning but was in no state to BD. Mentioned about BD'ing today and he was like ffs give it a rest! I am now really pissed off as he doesn't seem to realise that there is only a little window in which I could conceive. I am really depressed as I am now out for August as I know it is now too late so I am just waiting for AF to arrive on 21 August!! :x:cry:


  • aww sorry Squirrel, my hubs was the same saying i was putting pressure on him and he was too tired. managed to get a bit out of him around ov ..although i didnt ov till cd28 which didnt help cos i made him bd every other day up to thing is its usually him complaining when i say im tired! ill remind him of this though once i get my bfp and i want to sleep! still try bd tonight just incase yr body ov'd late.x
  • Hi Hun, can totally empathise with you, oh got a bit arsey last month about it all, so this month I didn't even mention when I though I had ov'd, he just thought it was his lucky week!!

    As women we plan everything down to the last detail, and I sometimes think men just deal with it whenever it happens!!

    Be strong Hun, apologise tonight for putting pressure on him (in his mind), then jump him to make up...Gotta be worth a shot?

    Good luck Hun!

  • Thanks ladies!
  • They're a pain in the neck aren't they! Especially when it feels as though we're doing all the work (checking temps, checking CM, folic acid supplements, OV tests, worrying over 2WW etc etc etc)....all they need to do is provide the juice and they usually enjoy doing that!

    I hope you get to BD soon and OV late hun, you never know! Could give it a whirl image
  • Lol... Amen to that tinkerbell... Made me larf ;0)
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