2 week wait - anyone else with me?

Hey just about to start my 2 week wait.

We trying the SMEP so we will be continuing to BD for a little while yet! Not feeling particularly positive htis month and I don't reallyknow why. Last month was all upbeat thinking I was gonna get my BFP but this month I am not expecting it at all.

Maybe it is my heads way of calming down my obsession!!

Anyway, I seriously hope this 2 weeks go quickly!! Not sure if I can cope with the wait.

Good luck to anyone else who is with me

Babydust and PMA



  • hiya snuggle we r doing the smep too xx fingers crossed
  • I'm with you, CD16 today, or 1DPO!! Also doing the SMEP.

    Good luck x
  • Hi am with you CD 22 of a 35 day cycle first month of trying not doing the SMEP just yet but got a + on OPK on sat morning so we have been BD like made he he in the hope to catch a xmas bean.Lets hope we are all too busy and the next 2 weeks flies in for us baby dust to all.I think I was due ov today but apart for a few pulling pains in my stomach I havent had any other symptoms apart from feeling a bit off if you know what I mean.???? When would i count 1DPO is that today or tomorrow? Am due to test 22nd Dec if I wait that long xx
  • Baby dust to all xx

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  • Just wanted to add my ticker


  • Am addicted to seeing those words on my ticker woo hoo :lol:


  • Hi buddies,

    Am not sure have done enough this cycle to be honest, am confused, I only done one OPK on sat morning and got a + so we had already BD friday night and then we BD sun night and mon morn but due to hubbys heavy workload and coming in late we havent BD and now today on Wed I feel a bit crampy and wet down below (sorry if tmi) so I think that maybe I have ov late as now I believe OPKs cant pinpoint your actual ov and stupid me just thought I would ov sat and because we BD fri, sun and mon I thought for sure I would catch the egg!!

    This ttc and 2ww is doing my head in already and am losing PMA. Hubby says we cant do anymore because he is so tired and to be honest am shattered too but if we only BD on the weekends am never gonna get pregnant am I??

    Sorry for the rant and rave just wanted to talk to someone else who is on same cycle as me.

    Also when I test what test would be really sensitive is it the first response as I have some of them tests in the early predictor ones and I will have to go buy some CB's xx
  • Hey Sparkling Diamond
    I am in a similar situation to you to be honest. I've lost all PMA and no idea why!
    I had all symptons of OV over the weekend so we did it Fri, Sat and Sun. Then OV signs went away - but today I all of a sudden i have LOADS of cm and period like pains. hmm confusion. Thing is husband on lates this week so v difficult to BD. Just hope I did OV when i thought
    ah well lets hope for a speedy 2 weeks!
  • Hey Snugglenush I wondered where you were at!!

    I am testing 21st Dec whats your test date? I hope we get our BFP's how long have you been trying, this is only our first month not that am impatient or anything x
  • Same testing date as you! image

    This is only my second month. And the timing would be just too perfect - I am a teacher so the EDD would be ideal and i would get to tell my family on chrsitmas day.
    Just too perfect to possibly happen so I am not feeling hopeful image
    Baby dust and a bit more PMA than I have to everyone else image
  • Hey girls, can I join?

    I'm in the 2ww and i'm 5dpo today. I think that any symptom spotting this month is being blinded my cystitis! I have no PMA left although we did BD on my peaks but couldn't after because the cystitis kicked in.

    I know what you mean Snugglenush about telling family on Christmas day - I keep picturing it in my mind then thinking no, shut up, you haven't done it this month. This is my sixth cycle and month 8. image Sorry to come in here and moan, you can kick me out if you like.

    Lots of luck to everyone xx

  • LOL we're not going to kcik you out!
    I am trying SOOO hard not to SS or to even think about it but my TA at work is 5 days late for AF so it basically is the topic of convo everywhere I go! I hate it lol!!
    I am just soooo glad that things are really busy at school so the time goes reasonably quickly.
    Still have LOADS of CM - it's actually quite gross haha. Not as much cramping though.
    Had a flu jab today at work and had to tell the nurse that we were ttc obviously - it was really exciting actually telling someone face to face (not told families as we don't think they will be overly thrilled tbh.)
    Keep your chins up girlies - not long now.
  • Sorry about that girls, just trying to see how these things works...I'm in my 2 weeks wait too...its a nightmare!
    Feeling a bit poop today, stomach cramps & generally bleurr! image


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  • Hi welcome CC hun of course we wont kick you out the more the merrier............well i am experiencing a few symptoms as follows:-

    waves of nausea
    cramping in my stomach and like a pulling sensation in my lower belly
    Last night I felt the urge to pee and wiped and there looked to be a brownish discharge?? and also had lots of creamy cm and very wet feeling.

    Now is it possibly to get these symptoms as I think I am on 4-5 DPO but got a positive on sat on an OPK so not sure when I ovulated and have also been having cramps on and off on my right hand side

    Is this late ovulation or girls could it be implantation?? xx
  • Just putting my ticker out there love seeing those words he he



    Good luck everyone xx
  • How is everyone doing with their wait, am trying to get sorted for xmas tomorrow I am going to clean the house from top to bottom and then sit, relax and watch the XFACTOR FINAL yey cant wait.

    Sun am going shopping with my sis to help her with her xmas present buying as she always leaves it till last min and then am hoping to start wrapping some presents this weekend too!!

    Sounds like I have a full agenda, hubby is working all weekend so I may aswell keep myself busy.......I caved earlier and POAS and got a BFN but its far too early anyway to get a BFP so am not out for this month until aunt flo raises her head!!!

    Good luck and keep chatting as its keeping me sane!! image x
  • Hi how is everyone doing with their 2ww are you gonna wait til af is due and test am thinking of testing next fri i should be 11dpo by then r should I wait til 21st!!

  • Hey SD
    I'm not really doing fantastically to be honest. I just feel really really down - I have no symptoms at all - which i know doesn't mean I am not gonna get my BFP but atleast last month i had a few weeks of hope with my symptoms folllowed by a day or two of sadness at my BFN.
    But this month, I have nothing image
    I'mgonna actually wait until 21st I think.
  • Oh hun we will go through it together my symptoms have eased off too its so frustrating!! but just think if we dont get our BFP we will be able to have a few drinks over xmas and eat lots of nice food. I know theres no consolation really but thats what I have tried to tell myself anyway.

    Try to keep up the PMA x
  • Hi snugglenush,

    We will be in the 1ww tomorrow I think this next week am going to be so busy my symptoms have all but gone apart from sore boobies and lumps around my nipple.

    Am not holding out much hope, did you use an opk, I use the dramywebsite and put my last period date in and that said I would ov 7th Dec (Mon) so on sun morning 6th I decided to do an OPK and 2 strong lines came up same colour so I took that to be I was ovulating then and now I really feel have ov late and not detected it grrr....

    Well am not going to get too hung up on a xmas pudding then but I would have loved to be pregnant on xmas day!!!

    I just dont think we have done enough, so whats your plan of action, are you using a CBFM, OPK's or just regular BDing.

    We havent been able to get in a regular routine with Bding and as this was first month of trying we just done the deed as much as we could and then bd fri nite, sun nite and mon morning.

    Onto the 1ww now anyway its hell on earth and its all I can think about.

    When did you get married? nice avatar pic x
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