No Period for 6 months am I normal? Please help Advice neede

I am 26 years old and me and my partner have decided to ttc,But I cam off the concraceptive pill in Aug 2009 and I havent had a period yet.I have been to the doctors and all my blood teses have come back normal and my doc just said it is normal.I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this.
The one factor I can think off might be that I am overweight which I am sorting well trying to anyway image
Soo thats my story
Baby dust to you all and all advice welcome xx


  • Hi Karen - I came off the pill on 2nd Aug last year and got first proper AF 3rd Jan so I know what it's like! I was taking agnus castus and having acupuncture so if that sped things up it may well have taken even longer.
    The first doctor I saw was completely unhelpful but I went to somebody else and was referred for a scan and have now been diagnosed with PCOS. I've been prescribed metformin which i really feel is helping - still waiting for second AF but hopeful!
    Try another doctor is my advice but there are quite a few of us on here who have problems with AF so you're by no means alone xx
  • From what i can tell its pretty normal for it too take a while for af to regulate after coming off the pill. Liek mrsrobson i too have PCOS but since taking AC since coming off i had my period end of jan having come off 23rd dec. So i would recommend taking agnus castus. If your not having any other problems apart from no AF then i would say it is just taking a while for you periods too regulate.
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