Hello and a question...

Hello ladies, I'm not actually TCC yet, although we're not really trying to not get pregnant! :roll:

I have a wee ovulation question....

What do OV pains feel like? I assume everyone's different, but just an idea of what they might feel like..

If I OV'd on day 10 (cycle varies between 24/28) could i have caught if we bd on day 11? I'm very very new to cycles and ovaultion, so sorry if it's a dumb question!


Claire, xx


  • OV pains do vary from girl to girl i think. Iv heard that sperm can live from between 5-7 days and an egg is about 24 hours so if you bd'd on day 11 you could have caught it and if you bd'd in the days leading up to ov you are in with a chance too. Hope this helps. xxx
  • your ov can last for up to 48 hours so yep you could chick but since im chatting to you on FB chat i tell you all there :lol: xx
  • Personally, my ov pains are quite bad, I get sharp pains from ovaries, sore boobs and get very bloated, had all this for past 2 days....:\(
  • Thanks ladies.

    It was a af sort of cramp I had, but only one side. I'm pretty sure it was ov. Fingers crossed eh?xx
  • Sounds like it to me. Hope u get a bfp!! x
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