3 things

ive done this a few times before but since ive been here a while now everyone keeps changing so i thought a wee get to know you post wold be good

ok all you do is introduce yourself then add 3 facts...intresting or not lol :lol: up to you and a pic if you want also

ok im lisa an i live in Scotland image

1.I met my now hubby when he came back from iraq in 2004 and got engaged after 3 weeks together
2.I also met him on a bline date lol (mutual friends)
3.i have a beautiful son called lennon who is 2 1/2

and hes my son at daddys work lol




  • and i cant edit it coz of the bloody adverts gggrrrrr lol
  • Cool idea image

    Well my name is Heidi and I live in Manchester.

    1. I met my hubby in a bar 8 years ago.
    2. We got married in May in one of the most haunted halls in the North West. . .and stayed there overnight!
    3. I am a teacher so consider myself to be very lucky in that I have 29 little bundles of joy to look after everyday lol.
  • I love this idea!

    I'm Jo from Hertfordshire..

    1. The 1st time I saw my now DH was across a crowded room and my friends thought he looked gorgeous but I said "nah, he needs a haircut and looks like he's up his own ar$e". (I couldn't have been more wrong, well, except about the haircut!)
    2. I don't have any little'uns yet, but I do have 2 kitties called Cookie and Horse (don't ask!)
    3. I'm at home today because of the snow and I love it! Partly because it means I can be on BE all day - hurrah!

    GG x
  • lol snugglenush what was it like then..staying over??? what made youz get married there??

    GoGoJo lucky you being off,weve had the snow for 3 weeks now but i only live 2 mins from my work so no snow days for me lol
  • bless lennon he is not looking happy in that pic image

    I am gemma 25 live in london

    1. I met OH at school :lol: and he picked on me :lol: that was 13 years ago.
    2. I am so lucky to be a stay at home mummy
    3. When OH and i started going out his Whole Family told him to dump me as i was a horrid person (i didnt know these people) Glad he didnt image and i get on with his mum better than he does now :lol:
    4. have to add I am really scared of cats :lol: and I have a cat that is on my lap right now xx
  • lol true and i cant edit it coz of the bloomin adverts,should have put a smiley one up instead lol
  • he is so cute just not happy being shut in maby :lol:
  • funnily enough he was actually enjoying himself that day,it was open court day at hubbys work thats where we were,he looks a right thug in this pic :lol:
  • haha gembags! why do you have a cat on your lap if you are scared of them?!

    1. I'm Jenny, i live near manchester and i am 26.
    2. i am a very quiet person, until you get me on the subject of babies or animals, then you can't shut me up!
    3. I don't have any children yet but i do have other babies - 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 goldfish, 1 rabbit and 9 guinea pigs! I also have a horse but he lives with my Mums other horses at her house so i rarely see him as she lives far away.

    that turned into a bit of a ramble, sorry!
    I like this thread!

    oh, and Lennon is lovely!
  • Hello Ladies

    I'm also 26 and TTC

    1) I met my husband at work-just! as I started a new job he was leaving!
    2) I also have a cat called cookie, (its actually cookie monster!) and another called Mrs Flibble! Oh and a lovely dog called Poppy
    3) I live in Sunny Jersey ( although its damp and a little bit snowey today )

    P.S Lennon is a lovely little boy and i love the name image

    baby dust to all xxx

  • lol were all cat ladies coz i have 2 also..tawney and murphy and a dog called beanie image

    aww thank you....i still love his name couldnt see him being called anything else
  • :lol: Poppy- I kept having a cat come in my flat and sitting on my lap and she was so lovely i never threw her out.... well one day her owner came and asked if i had her cat at her window and i said that i had someones cat as she wouldnt leave...... Well cut out the boring bits image she brought all the cats stuff round a hour later and told me she never really wanted the cat.
    I wouldnt be without her now. I pick her up etc and i am not affraid of my cat just other peoples :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I have 2 guinea piggys called Pepper and George :lol:
  • Hello, im 24 and live just outside of Aberdeen

    1)I used to want to be a teacher but i thought i could never tell anyone off, so i eventually decided to be a librarian. I currently spend all my time doing storey time, rhyme time, and craft sessions!

    2)I hated hubby when we first met, we both completely didnt 'get' each other-although i fancied him like crazy!

    3)I used to never want marriage or kids as my parents had a really messy divorce, i now know that i want these things even more because of it!

  • Hello,

    My name is Pozzee ;\) I'm 27 and I live in London.
    1) I met Husband when we both worked together. He was meant to help me settle in. Which he most certainly did and then having got me to go out with him, left for a different job!
    2) We are not actively TTC at the moment, we're just not using protection (we're TTC as far as I am concerned but I think Husband is in denial about what not using condoms means - silly man). I've started taking folic acid just in case!!
    3) My boss and Husband have made me take the week off work because they think I need to rest (apparently I am a workaholic - ha I say! I just work hard and everyone else is a slacker.). So I am taking the opportunity to write my book (it's my dream to be a writer, though I keep logging on here rather than writing) and be very active (I didn't get time before Christmas because work was crazy). I am trying to follow my ambitions this year.
    4) I know we're only meant to have three but I am going to be very brave and share my blog with you. I have been meaning to do this for awhile but I have been too scared - however what is the point of keeping a blog if there is no one to read it.
    Please be gentle, it's my first time. http://greenish-goddess.blogspot.com/

    Hope it works!

    GG X ;\)

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  • Littlebug, my dog is Poppy too.. that's her in the picture, she's a right poser! :lol:

    Gembags - aren't guinea pigs amazing, i love the noises they make! They remiond me of old men so i always call them old man names, George, Harry (harry is the only boys name i really like but my oh doesnt agree) Albert, Timothy.. i only have 3 boys now and the rest are girls, started out with 2 boys and 2 girls.. i'd never had baby g-pigs so thought i'd breed them, just once, that plan didn't quite work, i've had quite a few surprises in the last year! It's a good thing i have lots of space for them!

    Sorry to ruin your thread with guinea pig talk!
  • lol i love mine :lol:

    I dont have a garden so i grew pots of grass for them
    O GOD thats sad hahahahahahaha

    :lol: gems x
  • Littlewolf - I am vvv impressed you are a midwife - what a cool job! I am very envious, I think I'd be rubbish at it, but I would love to be able to do it.
  • Hi I'm Vicky, I'm 27 (28 next month) and live in Peterborough

    1. I met hubby at school, we went on a couple of dates and I dumped him by leaving a letter in his coat pocket cos I was too chicken to do it to his face image (I know it sounds sooo bad now lol)
    2. We don't have any human children, but we have a lovely dog called Ruby and 3 cats called Tommy, Pat & Jess
    3. We celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary last week, I can't believe how quickly the time has gone!

    Now I'm going to try and put up a pic of my hubby and pooch.


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  • Can I just say - How freaky cause I also have a kitten called Cookie lol, thats 3 of us now!! Anyone else have a cat called Cookie??!! x
  • Ok I thought I knew how to add pictures, but I have no clue. Anyone got a link to show me how to do it?

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