Hi All,

Firstly - Apologies - I haven't been on here for quite some time - I felt I was stressing and obsessing a little too much and just needed to chillax a bit lol!

But - it worked and now we've got our BFP!

I did 3 tests - 2 cbd's and 1 fr! CBD's say pregnant 3+ n i have 2 fat lines on the fr!!

I'm thrilled.

According to various websites n apps on my phone lol - I an 6wks 6 days goen and the due date is 23-Jan.....although i'll wait til the professionals confirm these details lol.

Just wanted to let you know - I cant tell anyone else yet - obvious reasons - and you ladies have been so very helpful to me over the past year and a bit.

Thanx huns


  • A huge congratulations hun, I too have got mine but havent had strong lines yet but have done 9 tests and all faint but there.

    Eek its so exciting am due in feb tho but super chuffed for you hun, theres something to be said about relaxing about it all. We didnt use OPK's this month and went on our anniversary holiday, relaxed and just forgot about TTC for a week and bam it happened.

    Good luck and have a H&H 9 months

  • Thanx hun & congrats too image

    us too - no OPKS no CBFM - we went on holiday for a week and just got on with it lol.

    I'm super excited.

    Last friday I was really sick in the afternoon n i spent my time asleep on the sofa upstairs in our meeting room lol. this week I've been sick all week - now OH is panicking in case I'm too sick and something's wrong - he's got me all worried now!

    On the plus side - my boobs have gone up a cup size - and a half in some lol

    Wow - H&H 9 for you too

  • How many dpo are you now then hun, my af is due tomorrow or mon.

    Soooo excited yeah Ive been feeling very sick too last few days and dizzy but I havent been sick. My boobs feel bigger hubby commented on that on holiday actually he he

    I hope I get those magic words when i do a CBD or am going to be gutted

  • Congrats Princess!! I am so pleased for you!
  • Congrats! xx
  • congrats to u xxxx

  • Congratulations Princess :\) , Have a H & H 9 months.

  • awwww- thanx ladies!

    SD - If i tell the truth I've no idea how many days bcuz my cycles r crazy.

    All I know is day 1 was the 18th April - we went on holiday the 29th a BD 5 days out of the 7 there lol - then 3 days around 8th to the 11th of May.

    apparently conception took place on 2nd May - which makes sense.

    My boobs have been sore for almost 4 weeks now n ppl keep tellin me they look huge!

    I feel strange like im already protective over my own belly lol n i feel like i need to go n buy all the right food n drink to do everything in my power to make sure everyhing is - well - good!

  • Congratulations hun!
  • princess we have the same due date :\) 23rd jan 2011. 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow image

    see you in due in jan when your ready to join us x
  • Thanx Ladies!

    Berly - Ill be there! (providing the docs agree it'd in jan LOL)

  • Congratulations x
  • Congratulations princess that's brilliant news x
  • congrats hun see u in pregnancy x

    sian 19+4
  • Thanky you girlies!!

    Siany - Obviously I've seen so many scan photoa but just lookin at yours now - it's so special!! so happy for you hun - i cant wait until we are at that stage!!
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