can we demand a blood test?

after all these BFNs including the one at the docs, Im starting to get worried that its something sinister thats keeping AF away...
wondereing if Id be able to demand a bloood test at the docs?? Im not a vampire, but I just want to know either way; am I a) pregnant, b) ill c) demented or d) a man??


someone knock me out until Im knocked up please image xx


  • what cd are you? and how late are you?

    you can go ask the dos but its their discretion as fa as im aware if they want to do one,i know they will keep waiting for months until af comes but all docs are different
  • I'm sure they couldn't say no if you asked them specifically and explained why you're worried...if they do then ask to see another doctor :P xxx
  • hey grudie Im not sure what CD I am? Last AF was 25th March and I dont really know how to work it out? But I know I normall go 28 days exactly, and never go over, plus Ive got the sorest nips ever and Ive had cramps for over two weeks now so its driving me mad that Im getting all these BFN even at docs, but he isnt worried!!
  • i like your thinking tinkerbell !! xx
  • Hi

    BB thats CD42 for you hun from your last AF date so you are 14 days overdue if your cycle is normally 28 days bang on.

    I would ask your doctor for a blood pregnancy test to put your mind at ease once and for all.

  • you go from first day of red blood to the last day before red blood chick if that makes sence lol

    i before 2009 when we started ttc i always had 30/31 day cycles and xmas 09 i had 45...since then i can go from 29-45 without knowing how long any month will be,i no ladies who have not had a af in 3/4 months and the docs will say wait until its been 6,sorry not much help but not saying it isnt worth an ask x

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