Hello everyone! I'm back again!!!

Hello ladies,

wow, it's been a long time since I've been on here and posted anything....I have to say that I was lurking around for quite a while....

Welcome to all the newbies and congrats to all of you who have your BFPs over the last 3 or 4 months....
We are officially on the ttc wagon again and if the pain I had last night was anything to go by, then I think I ovulated last night/early this morning so am now on the 2ww.

Looking forward to getting to know all the newbies and good luck to all waiting for their BFPs.

Lots and lots of baby dust!!!



  • welcome back nat, glad your ttc again. Im on 2ww too, good luck x x
  • Hey Fiona, thanks for that...good luck to you too....how many days until you test?
  • hi honey glad to see a familer name!!
    now mth 4 for me cd3 so just waiting for ov, whenever that may be!
  • Hey you, how have you been? month 4 already hey?? it seems like just the other day you were starting ttc...keeping my fingers crossed for you and ovulation.

  • Hey Amanda, thanks for that....am going to try not to symptom spot and just take everyday as it comes....saying that, I already noticed earlier that there's hardly any cm....will see what the next 10 days or so holds....how's the UK?
  • it's great living on the other side....it's getting to the end of Autumn and still we have temps of 31/32 deg....

    you could always move to Oz.. image after the little one of course... image
  • hehe...not sure they would as I know my mum took it very hard when I told her we were moving to Oz....a long holiday is all they'd probably agree to hey?

    How have you been feeling? Has it sunk it yet?

  • Hi Nat and welcome back to the site, now stay away from them sticks until 2 weeks is up. Good luck when it comes to testing tho!!!
  • Amanda, it's only natural that you would worry....don't blame you....I told my mum that we'd visit Cape Town every year over xmas and they know they can come and stay anytime for as long as the want.

    Slow, thanks for the welcome hun....how have you been? I'll try my utmost to stay away from those sticks....also promised myself that I'll try not to ss.

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