fertility monitors??

does any one use a fertility monitor other than clear blue?

how good are the other ones?


  • Hi, I got my BFP first month of using a clear blue monitor, I got it for about ??50 from amazon and worth every penny! Sorry but I don't know about the others!x
  • I have a cbfm and it's worth every penny! I was ov'ing 4 days later than any online calculators! x x
  • Do you think that the cbfm is better than just using opks? also, how do use them?
    im onto month 8 so im really thinking of getting one, my cyles havent been completely regular tho will that matter? my cycles have been 27, 30, 33, 26, 29, 27, 27 and 31 since coming off the pill.
    im on cd4- could i get one and use it for this cycle or would i have to wait?
    soz for the million and 12 questions xxxx
  • DuoFertility looks amazing -bit pricey though.

  • Yes I would def recommend cbfm . My cycles are not quite regular either and it really helpsknowing when I am ov because of this.You poas using fmu from about day 9 and in you first month you use about 20 sticks but apparently in th next months you only use about 10. I am on month 1 CD21 and have my first peak. The cbfm tells you if you are low, high or peak. The bookelt says to bd on high and peak days!
  • oo so its better than opks because doesnt just say when you're ov-ing then?
    would i be able to use it this cycle if im on cd4 already do you think?
  • Any OPK including CBFM only detects LH in your urine -it is likely not to work if you have any hormonal problems especially PCOS and even if you do get an LH surge in a cycle it doesn't actually mean you have ovulated.

    Temping really is the way to go and if you have any problems your charts can be used by docs to diagnose some problems... and they'll take you more seriously if you have records of when you ovulated and made love as they can see you've been doing everything you can.
  • that makes sense, although i didnt realise that even though ive been getting positive opks i might not b ov-ing. Ive been recording my cyles and when we bd tho so i guess thats a start.
    Thanks for the help, will prob talk to dh about it all.
    i had planned to chill this month and see if that helps but i may ask him about getting a cbfm now haha
  • Katie B OPK and CBFM are the same thing just CBFM is more guided. If OPKS are working for you and you're getting positives then it is likely you are ovulating 1/2 days afterwards. The best thing to doif BD the day of getting a +ve and ideally for the next 3 days if possible.

    If you temp as well as OPK you'll hopefully see an increase in temp which will confirm that you have ovulated. The only other way of knowing you've definately ovulated that I can think of are blood tests and ultrasound. (So you'd be better of getting a thermometer than a CBFM!)
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