March testing ladies- what is going on? lets update each


I am waiting for my AF due between today and Tues (cycle ranges from 28 to 32 days hence not sure of exact day AF is due).....

I am trying not to look for symptoms.... lol!

So how are you all feeling? i am so tempted to test but not testing till 5th!


  • I'm waiting too but not optimistically don't think we've cracked it this month, i'm due wed-fri so will wait til at least 8th to test (well i'll try!)

    Good luck!
  • Hey Ladies,

    I'm due on mon/tuesday.. but Ive started getting AF cramps so I know we havent done it this month.. onto mnth 13 we go image

    Karina xx
  • I think she is imminent, spotting (unusal for me) and huge spot on chin indicates she is on her way!! Boo Hoo x
  • I'm due Tues, wanna wait til Weds to test but I'm getting soooooooooo tempted and it's driving me mad!

    Have felt sick all afternoon, had v light spotting yesterday and day before, had some af type cramps, been thirsty all week......

    L x
  • Hello ladies im on CD25 but not sure when im due on as i had the implant and in I was going to test Monday but wondering if CD27 is too soon - advice please ladies!!!
  • Hi ladies,
    im on CD24, but this is my first month off the pill so just assuming i will have a 28 day cycle. i really feel like AF is on her way thou, got pains and cramps and spots so couldn't be much else really! image not sure when i will test if she doesn't come??
  • Broodykate and Princess, if you know when you OV'd then I'd test 15 days after that. If you don't know then neither do I, lol

    L x
  • argh i am CD30 today but i am fearful as i know my cycle varies from 28-42 days soooo gonna do test tomorrow!
    ARGHHHHH stress.
    Had a BFN on wednesday as I am down with the flu as i needed to take some meds but i still dont feel 100% normal. we'll see.
  • oh thank you LoLLy333, I think i Ov'd on CD12-13? according to CM? does that sound about right, im so new to all this i dont get it! ha x
  • That sounds about right Princess, I OV'd on CD13 of 26 day cycle. So at best you are 12DPO (days past ovulation). It's up to you hun but if you can, I'd wait a few days to test. I have seen lots of women get early BFP's tho, some on 10DPO.

    Good luck whatever you decide and let us know x

    L x
  • Thanks for the advice - I think I ov'd n CD14, however im not 100% sure if I did that would make me 13DPO so Monday would make me 15DPO so may stick with the monday morning plan image XX
  • Good luck Broodykate and good luck to everyone who will be testing in March! Wishing us all loads of sticky baby dust x x x
  • CD 26 for me! I'm going to try and hold out til the 5th though! x
  • This is potentially a silly question, but if i get BFN at 15DPO is that definet im not PG? as the hormone would be detected by then? x Kate- do u feel like AF is coming?
  • That's not a silly question hun. No, it's not over til your af arrives! Late implantation could mean a BFN at 15DPO as the pg hormone may not be strong enough by then. If you get BFN at 15DPO, wait a day or two and test again (if af hasn't arrived). I think it takes 48 hrs for the pg hormone to double.

    L x
  • Princess A i really dont know how I feel - eeekkk, I dont know if im unconciously symptom spotting. I don't think she is coming just yet but really dont wanna jinx anything! how about you xxx
  • yeah i think she is coming, at first i hoped it was PG symptoms but im sure AF is coming with avengence, i had the most horrific AF's before i went on the pill 6 years ago image we are almost on the same cycle i think? x
  • yeah it sounds like it - i dont mean to sound disgusting but I keep feeling like im 'leeking' but when i go check if AF is here there is nothing but underwear is wet! I just wish i could know either way xxx
  • me to i woke up in the night and thought she had come, but it was just discharge image. Thanks LoLLy, i will try and hold out testing as long as i can then because i really dont want the heartache of a bfn and then waiting around still wishing x
  • p.s. what kind of test do i need to get to test on dpo15? i have heard ladies talk about all different kinds? x
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