Whoop whoop... I got a smiley face!!

YAY... Smiley face on opk today, much better than trying to decipher lines!!

OH is in for a rough few days lol!!



  • Yay! i got mine yesterday. Hubby is away tonight, so i made the most of last night, and then will be doing again tomorrow, hehe.
    He's away friday-sunday again though, so hoping that will have been enough.
    FC for you too.
  • Good luck Hun!!

    I'm really hoping that this is our lucky month ;0)

    OH is off work for the rest of the week, timing couldn't be better... Let's hope it helps..

    FC Hun xx

  • He's just got back from the gym.. Little does he know his work out is about to begin LOL!

  • Get to BD definitely....we'll hear from you in a couple of days once you have finished with him lol xxxxx
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