HELP ...Sharp pain in right hand side when bd ing?


Hoping someone can help. We have been ttc for 9 month and this is the first month we have used OPK.
Slight line fri/sat and darker sunday. Then nearly control line colour yesterday but defo today. We have never charted
Before so would even go as far as saying that this is the first time we have defo bd at right time however when we were I had
This mighty sharp pain in my right hand side near my hip area and I can still feel it this am. Any ideas?


  • hi superbroody,

    not sure if i can be much help - this really could be anything.
    Could be ov pains?
    Dont want to worry you but could be a cyst?
    Could maybe be that you bd'd deeper than usual?
    Do you usually hit right time of month for bding? As you have used opks this month,maybe you bd'd at exactly right time and cervix was in diff position and this affected things?

    Hope the pain has gone today x
  • ps if it continues, make sure you go to docs to get it checked out. I had lots of pain last year and it turned out to be large cyst which needed removing x
  • Hi
    This is ovulation pain!image
    Also as you say you are ov according to the sticks it backs this up.
    I have EXACTLY the same paind each month. You might find it moves to the other side next month as most women ovulate alternate sides each month.

    That bit near your hip is your ovary and they are sensitive little buggers! Its just telling you its working and ready for business. image
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