hi ladies

Not been on for a while wanted to see how ur all keeping im on month 3 cd 19 8 dpo and my nipples are sore not my boobs just nipple (tmi sorry) just wondered if this ment out af due on mon x


  • hi bella10, sounds like you have some good signs, fingers crossed for you. Not sure when i ovulated this month and trying really hard not to symptom spot. Not holding much hope for this month having backache and some mild cramping x
  • thats the only symptom i got before all my BFP, so fingers crossed for you luv! xx
  • thanks guys fingers crossed hope i am im goin away mon for few days so gona try hold out till i get bk af due mon though so mite do a sneaky test before we go haha x
  • Hey bella just want to say good luck, going away will keep you from temptations of early testing! But when you do I hope it is a BFP! xx
  • Fingers crossed - it sounds good!
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