Don't understand!!! Help

Hi girls. I'm confused. I took a pg 2 days ago, the really cheap ones my fella brought home from work. It had the faintest line for positive. So i bought some from boots today and it was negative!!!
I'm 8 days late - what is going on?? Has anyone else had this?? xxx


  • If the first one was positive babe I would say you are PG. Have you tried a CB one they are very good? I have heard some women have had to wait weeks for the BFP even though they were a few weeks preg?

    K xx
  • Hi K-lou, i'm new to all this really, and i'm going to sound really dense, but what does CB mean?? If i am, wonderful, i just wish i could get an answer!!! xx
  • Sorry Clear Blue I heard they are very good and being 8 days late it should show up. Have you had any problems with your af coming? are you always on time?

    K xxx
  • I was always on time before i had my LO, then i was put on the mini pill and bled continously for a month so GP took me off it. We then decided to just stay off a pill and ttc. I had 2 periods since then both came on 17th...??? xx
  • May be that the first one was a more sensitive test so picked up the hormone but the boots one didnt. Perhaps get another sensitive one to try and if still bfn and no af then see your gp?
  • Whats a good sensitive one?? i'm thinking of one but can't remember name xx
  • I'm not sure-I have some clearblue early ones but havent used them yet. Someone will know which is best but I bet they're all in bed still! - I have a 3 yr old so have been up for over an hour!!!
  • I think you should try a 1st response they are very sensitive but if your 8 days late and pregnant it should show on any test by now really. good luck xx
  • Crying now, just been to loo and AF has arrived. I'm really gutted, i felt sure i was pregnant image xx
  • Awwww hun im so sorry, our bodies are very clever at convincing us that we are pregnant when we are not! I really hope you get your bfp next month hun. Go and make a cuppa put your feet up and take it easy. xxxx
  • Thanks debbiemc, i love this site, i honestly find you all on here real support. You can't talk to your oh like this. Oh well, heres for hoping next month. I think i'm so upset because i got pg 1st month last time. Thanks though.. can feel my pains coming already - joy xxx
  • I know this site is fab theres allways somebody going through the same thing! Ive got pregnant very quickly with my other children too but im into mth 4 now! Fingers crossed that next mth will give us both a bfp. xxx
  • I got my fingers crossed for you hunny xx thanks for the support i actually feel better already xx
  • Glad i could help! Im sending you some pma and loads of sparkly baby dust to help get you through to next month. xxx
  • Oh I'm so sorry minimonkey! I hope next month you get that bfp!!xx
  • Thanks hjanea, hoping for all of us xx
  • Hi girls... new development. I thought AF had arrived yesterday, but since a little spotting it seems to have vanished and now i just have a little brown colour (sorry tmi) What do you think is happening?? Am i having AF or not??!! I don't want to test because it gets my hopes up xxx
  • I think you have to test debbiemc said, our bodies can do very strange things to us. At least you'd know either way if you do a very sensitive test. Good luck.


  • I would test again babe it;s odd that you had that an then nothing??

    K xx
  • Test Test Test, sounds positive xxx
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