Think Im heading for a fall (and a big one!)

Well as the title suggests I think Im heading for a big fall!!! This is our 14mth of ttc and we've had no bfp's at all in that time. Ive never tested, Ive always waited for AF to arrive, but this month Ive been letting myself dream about testing and Im even thinking of buying a test to use in the next few days. Im not sure why this month is different to all the others? We have our first appt at the fertility clinic next Tues and I think part of me is hoping that this may be our month so that we dont need to go to the appointment!!! I dont have any symptoms other than very very swollen and heavy (.)(.) but I get these every month. I do usually start spotting around about now (10dpo) so hoping this may start soon and bring me to my senses. I dont think I could cope with a bfn at the moment. Someone talk some sense into me please!!!!


    Do you want to feel the backside of my cyberhand? hehe
    I did a test about 9dpo and got a bfn, then did one today at 12dpo and think i have the faintest of lines. I not sure and already got docs this afternoon for day21 bloods so will speak to docs then but please please wait for a few more days hun xx
  • awww lizzybuffe, dont test!!!!!!! fingers crossed this is ur month tho, just wait a few more days. good luck (((hugs))) xxxxx
  • Liizzibuffe stay strong specially as you haven't tested all these months befor,e very admirable that is. If you are 10dpo it is so early you might be heading for a bad news even if you are pg this month..
    I did it at 10 dpo and of course had bfn, I think wht made me test is a dream I've had of having a baby etc.
    Also it doesn't help when you read on her some ladies who get their bfp at 9DPO, and although of coures it is not impossible to get a positive early, you are more likely to get a positive result if you wait (says the woman who tested early lol)

    Well good luck and you never know it might be your monthimage
  • Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for you replies. Ive stayed away from the hpts (for today!!!). I dont think we have done it this month, think spotting is due to start tonight or tomorrow ;-( but I guess at least I have my appt next week to look forward to and hopefully it will bring us one step closer to our long awaited bfp!!!!!
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