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Yay! I have....something? lol! Just off pill Friday and don't get AF with that one but I now have "stuff" when I wipe. Can't say it looks like a period but its a step in the right direction. So is this CD1 or what? lol!


  • Hey.

    If you havent had a AF since comming of the pill then maybe yer count it as CD1.

    But at the mo am in the same sort of boat, i have spotting and i've had some advice not to count it untill it's real red blood.
    (Hoping mine is implantation bleeding coz otherwise AF would be a week early, but am not that lucky! lol)

  • Ah ok, I'll need to see when the real stuff starts! Although with not having had a period in 18 months I doubt they'll be any, yuck! TMI
  • On FF it starts CD1 when you start bleeding not just spotting.
    Ive always counted it as cd1 until i started using ff
  • Hope something actually happens tomorrow lol!!! No more tonight...
  • ditto to all that LC - i'm wishing her to come quickly now :lol:

    anyone who doesn't want the witch please send her to me and LC
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