Natural help???

Does anyone know if there is something available that I could take that is a natural product to try and help me conceive?
My doctor just keeps saying wait a bit longer, wait a bit longer! Getting a bit cheesed off.
I had some gynea work done last october and im hoping that isnt the reason I cant get pregnant but then again I have been off the pill for, well, it will be 3 yrs this august and nothing has happened.

I just wondered if there was something natural I could take.



  • Didnt want to r&r but dont have any advice I'm afraid, just have everything crossed for you.xx
  • can only suggest the usual. agnus castus worked for me, evening primrose oil for some and certain combinations of vitamins. good luck and babydust
    Filo x
  • I take it you are already taking all the vitamins etc that are available? I don't know of anything other than that but have heard that Reflexology, accpuncture or even hypnosis can help.........? Could be worth a try.

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