Anyone testing at the weekend?

Hi ladies
Well i am on month 1 of Clomid and i ov on cd 24 (used my fert monitor), i am 6/7dpo today so will be 9/10 dpo on Sunday.
I got my last BFP at 9 dpo so thought i'd give it a go!!

Anyone with me?


  • Hi hun, dont i remember you from way back??
    Im going to keep everything crossed for you, good luck xxx
  • Hello,
    Yeah i remember you too! Hows things?
  • Im good thank you although AF has just managed to find me a day early!!!!!!
    Theres quite a few familiar faces back on here, ttc no2+. Good luck, i hope your stay is a short one! xxx
  • ahhhh slow i remember you from when i first joined BE!! have you got a lo now? xxx
  • ello slow! fancy seeing you here!!! image lets try and get another DI month together again!! test test test at the weekend and let us know!!! im not due to test until 20th august..but im sure i will be peeing on sticks before then!! hehe! good luck with it all!!
  • He he, hello ladies,
    yes i have a little man who wil be 10 months on the 11th August. Oh lucyah wouldnt that be fab!!
    I have had the funniest pain more like twindges in my tummy, low down on the right side. Cant remember if this is morning from last time or not! Plus had back ache and feeling a little faint this afternoon plus knackered from about 3pm but then that would all be from looking after my little man!!
    I am going to try and hold out and test on Sunday as i'm not sure whether i ov on Thurs or Fri which would make me either 7 or 8 dpo today. If i am 9 tomorrow thats when i got my faint BFP with DS!!! WAY early i know but i am so impatient! lol
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