AF Late

Hello Ladies,

I am very worried, I am 4days late and have had a couple BFN image I am never late... I am thinking that it maybe caused by stress and coming off my anti depressents but i am still really worried. I dont no what to do.

Any help would be great.

Many Thanks In advance

Emsie xx


  • Hi Emsie, didn't want to read & run, it could be stress related or a shy bean but unfortunately it's all guesses at the minute. My cycle has always been on time as well until last month when I was 8 days late and getting BFN's, AF finally arrived but I've no idea why she decided to mess with my head!
    The only thing you can really do is wait, were you testing for ov? x
  • im sorry honey, its so confusing and horrible, it doesnt help that AF arriving is mostly the same symptoms of a BFP.

    x x x
  • Indeed,I am hoping that either AF will show her ugly head soon or i get a BFP. I am getting fed up!

    i no what you mean Homefairy, i hate that both symptoms are the same.

    Emsie x
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