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Hi girlies,

I was just wondering if anyone else will be testing this weekend??

also does anybody know if the preg test at docs are better or more acurate than home ones? for example if I tested neg at home is there any chance of a possitive at docs??

sorry bout all my q's!! hope everyone is having a lovely evening image X


  • Plus some gps tests are actually less sensitive than some you buy over counter. Hang on in there hun. Says me who hates waiting and most impatient person in world. LOL Filo x
  • Clearblue are probably the most reliable and docs never do another test, they take your word for it. The only thing a home test might be wrong with is a negative.
  • I have just found a website with a list of pregnacy symptoms and I know I shouldnt get my hope up but.... i think i have some image!! Knowing my luck it all be a load of nonsense though and come sat i'll get another BFN and i'll be in bad mood all day image!!!! oh they joys of ttcimage and thanks to all for your help with the doc question. X
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