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WooMummy - Kim!

Hey Hun!

You ok? How's everything going?

Hope you're well!




  • as i am a copy cat, i echo Mel's request. How are you doing???? love bluebird xxxx
  • Hey girls!!!! Im good thanks, have had a hetic week so glad its over!!!!

    Am feeling alot better bout mc, its been 2wks now, cant believe how fast its moving house in a couple of wks too, so have started packing today, guna be another busy wk, but its what i need to keep my mind off things and helps in a way so i dont dwell on never forget my little bean, but still need to be mummy to my boys....

    Enough about me anyway, how ru girlies, fill me in!!!!! xxxxxx
  • Hey Kim,
    Glad to hear you are ok - and that you're keeping busy!
    I'm fine - having acupunture, reflexology - herbal stuff - just about anything I can to get my a/f or ov! I'm poas every day until I get my BFP on the ov sticks! Would have been nice to have a xmas day bfp - but what can you! Still fallen out with the oh any way so not getting chance to bd lol!!! Christmas is a horrible time - high expectations, family rows - why do we do it - I'm all up for hibernating!!!
    I've had my nails done today - bought some jewels and hair tongs - to make me pretty for new year - although oh is threatening not to go - so think I may get dressed up to watch eastenders...lmao!!! Still there's abottle of plonk in the kitchen - I can get squiffy by myself!!!
    Not been doing well with the gym - I'm really enjoying this staying at home business and not!!
    I'm glad you're feeling ok - and I hope you have a happy new year!
    Love Mel

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