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People who came off the pill in May..

....How are you all getting on? Just wondred who had BFP'S or who's cycles are crazy like line lol xxx


  • I cam off in May, cycle was 28, 33 then 30, then BFP!!! Hows yours?? xxxxx
  • 29, 51 and currently 37 lol so not as good as yours! lol. did you use ov sticks or did u just go for it and BD lol?
  • Soz, i meant to say stopped in June!!! :roll: I bought ov sticks but did not get to that stage, the month I thought about using them I got my BFP instead. Lots of b'ding is the way forward hun, lol!!! Im having a dilemma with my BFP though as the EPU told me I had experienced a MC but Im still getting BFP's so got to go for scan on Fri to find out what is going on!! xxxxxx
  • oh yesh hun i did read your post but i forget who is who as i like to read the all. hope everything is ok for you and fingers crossed things might still be ok for you image
    i think we got to bd
  • Hi newlook

    I came off in June, just started trying in July and have had no luck so far. I was on the pill for 13 years and doc told me it could take a while for it to clear your body. I am going to buy clearblue ovulation this week as I am due AF on wednesday and don't feel any different so know I am not pregnant image( It's different for everyone though so good luck xx
  • Good luck to you too BabyBlue. think im getting a bit obsessed with POS, but with long cycle last month i feel like i need to or we could miss it every month. hubby is away for couple of nights so hope i dont ov today/tomorrw lol
  • I came off in may had withdrawal bleed, then af were 29, 35 and then BFP! Didnt expect it so quick was conviced my cycles were getting worse! x
  • a coupe of BFP'S so far then. congratulations to you both! Wish it was my turn!!! when will i get my bfp.... image

  • Thanks newlook, I'll keep you posted. You've not been off the pill for that long, might just take a few months for it to get out of your system. Good luck hun!! xxxxxx
  • I had the contraceptive jab once which lasted for 12 weeks, and it ended middle of May. I bleed for 9 weeks then I had a 56 day cycle and I'm now on month 2 but it should really be month 5!! Its a nightmare!!
  • My sister tried for 2 years before falling pregnant but I think she was stressed because nothing was happening. I'm just praying I don't get like that. I want a baby more than anything and think it would break my heart (and hubby's) if I had to wait so long. My AF is as regular as clockwork - 28 day cycle. Fingers crossed for everyone getting a BFP xx
  • Newlook, so has the line on your OPK stick got darker yet, so it's nearer to the positive?
    Once you do get your positive, you're supposed to ov up to 36 hours afterwards, so hopefully dh should be back by then!
  • Hey,

    came off in Apr - last cycle was 42 days - i'm currently on CD30.

    Last cycle FF said OV was CD34 (i had no idea because I wasn't sure what should be happening and what signs I should be looking for - so not sure if that's when it actually happened?!?!)

    This cycle I had ewcm on CD27 & 28 - have got 2 +ves using the suresign OV tests but not one on a CBD yet but I'm fingers crossed that i will get it when i test later this evening.

    So - think it took 3 months to get normal because my last and my current cycle seem pretty much the same. We start ttc in December so hopefully they'll be good by then.

    Good Luck x
  • Hiya Newlook, how you doing? I came off in May too and had 3 x 27 day cycles plus a 23 dayer. Now on cd26 so the waiting game commences. I was on the pill for 17 years so was quite surprised that my cycles have been so regular, there's still time though!!
  • yeah i havn't been off the pill that long really i just want it so badly.

    Popsicle - havnt tested yet but im going to now....will let u know how i get on. hope its a bit darker.

    going to poas now..........brb x
  • Yep, it's not long that we have been off the pill but it feels like forever, doesn't it?
  • yeah it feels like forever Andipink!!! off to poas now be back in 5 mins x
  • good luck x
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