Ladies help! Question about tests.

Hi Ladies ok so I need some advice bit of backgroubnd first-I came off depo in jan, My cycles went back to normal from Aug to 28days. In October my cycle was 32days and i came on 28th Oct I've not had a period since and tested with a few 10 miu HP but they are neg image

Do you think the tests could be wrong and im preg as I read that the 10 miu tests can be unreliable or do you think my cycles still playing up? It jsut seems odd it would play up now after being steady again since aug?


  • Hi sweet i would defo use a different test FR or CD
    i have still not got a pos on a cheapy but have had 3 on FR and on CBD got pregnant 1-2 so try a test sweet

    fingers crossed!
  • I've asked the oh to pick up some superdrug ones on his way home from work, so will know one way or the other very soon! I hope I am and its not just my body messing up.
  • Any other ladies offer advice or been in same position before?
  • hi my fingers are crossed for your +. def try a different test. the cheap ones seem to be very hit or miss. good luck.
  • Hay i cane off the depo in Aug 08 :cry: and had AF 30? somthing days later then followed ne another AF then waited 92 days for another AF I was told its normal by the doc and u can sometimes have AF with the depo and thats what the first few months could be then after that the depo getting out your system.......

    When i ttc my boy I came off the depo in Nov 05 and Dec 06 i had a BFP image

    I am not much help really just thought i would tell you my story xx Hope it's your BFP
    Plus those 10miu are pooh for some people
    3 ish months ago i had a bfp on 6 different test and nothing on a 10miu xx GOOD LUCK xx

    gems x

    Month 16 TTC #2
  • Omg I did a superdrug test when OH got in and there was a faint line, it got darker within 10 min window too i think. Going to retest in morning with FMU. If I am I cant believe it. :O
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