Too early to test!?

Hi ladies. I will be 9DPO tomoro and this evening bout a tesco cheapie as the woman behind the counter says they are quite sensitive, so i followed her advice and got one.
But do you think it will be too early to test tomoro at 9DPO??



  • Hi hon, I replied to you msg on my post but thought I'd do it here as well. When you read the tesco cheapies info, you can only use them from day af is due, which to me isn't very sensitive. When I was pg with first lo I tested in afternoon at what would have been 6 weeks after ov (or 8 weeks after last af) and got a v v v v v faint line, did it with clearblue straight after and got a line literally within seconds, very strong & dark.

    I swore I would never use Tesco again but bought one this time just so I had something to tide me over until the morning! :lol:
    Saying that they seem to have worked fine this time (but af was due monday).

    I'd say 9 dpo is way too early to test - you're very unlikely to get a BFP even if you are pg, and then you'll only want to test again in a couple of days. Leave it as long as you can hon, and good luck!! xxx
  • Cheers hun and congrats with your BFP image very exciting!!
    Just text my friend asking her if she has used a tesco before and she says she used that 5 days before AF was due and got her BFP and she now has a little boy.
    Its all so confusing lol.
    Wish there were easier ways of knowing.
    With my previous 2 pg's i tests 4-5 days early and got a +ve but am really scared lol.
  • I was going to ask if you have any symptoms but I have very few so that is meaningless!! I think its worse not having symptoms as I don't feel pregnant if that makes sense? Always thought I would just know...

    Try and hold off a couple of days, don't be scared though!! Maybe its just me that the Tesco ones don't like :lol: xxx
  • I feel like i have symptoms yeaaa.
    Heres the list lol...
    Slightly sore boobs on the sides, the big veins on them and my nips seem to get irritated if i rub them.
    Have had real bad bloating and being really hungry
    Have started getting dull aching pains in lower abdomen and back since yday at 7dpo
    Getting pulling sensations by my left ovary and my left nip seems to get itcy at night lol
    Have been really tired, been going to bed at 9.30 every night and still shattered when i get up next morn at 7. Feel like i need to go for a sleep during my lunch break at work.
    Started getting a little moody too lol.
    Also had a congested nose the other day and yday woke up with a coldsore type thing at corner of my lip/mouth. Read that these could be symptoms lol.
    Also been needing to wee a little bit more and its been a little strong in smell (sorry tmi lol)

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