Very Early Symptons

Please can you girls share with me your very early pregnancy symptons?? No matter how small they seem! I want to see if i am having similar xx


  • The only real symptom I had was the metallic taste at 7/8dpo (I got my BFP at 9dpo) I did have very slight twinges on my right hand side from 3dpo, but they could have been anything really xx
  • ive had constant cramping and twinges, the twinges are all down my left side and have been really bloated and windy xx
  • I had sore boobs, and was very windy!! Maybe its your month. Good Luck image xx
  • thanks huni! So hard to not get hopes up and i keep thinking im imaging these symptons but the aches are def there and not due on til next week sometime. fingers crossed xx
  • im the same ive had twinges and felt bloated not sure what it is, good luck xx
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