The witch arrived and I'm pleased!!

After 71 days she finally flew in (when I'm on hols too!!) - not as heavy (sorry if TMI) as I would have thought - so maybe my spotting was just an unusually light af. So anyway have now managed to get hubby to agree to properly TTC (I know now 8 pregnant women!! - so broody). We have decided that we are going to give it 3months of trying really hard and then we wil look into adopting - which is something I would like to do anyway. So I have lots of PMA - but really have to try and lower my stress levels.

A big congratulations to all those who have their BFP's and lots of baby dust and PMA to those of us ttc xx


  • Go get him taffygirl, i know you can do it. Good luck.
  • Hi taffygirl.

    Really glad you have so much PMA. Hope you get your bfp soon, and it sounds like it won't be from lack of trying! xx
  • Thanks all - I do believe that pma is the key! x
  • Well done you!
    Good luck trying! Try not to put too much pressure on yourselves though by giving a time frame, I have a friend who now has two lo but it took her a year to conceive each of them. Its easier said than done I know as you really want it now and we can't control our bodies. I hope it happens for you both
  • We've been trying unofficially for about the last 18 months. I have 2 children already and we caught with both of them really quickly when we officially started ttc. We'll will keep ttc but we think we are going to start the adoption process to. We've always said that we wanted a big family of 4 children. If I do conceive it will be brilliant but if it's just a case of going to happen this time round then I'm happy to adopt. (twins would be great) x x
    The 3 months deadline was more to do with starting the adoption process xx
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