Don't think I am going to be popular at work!

My colleague and I were having a discussion about pets and she said to me, 'Well luckily thats all I have to worry about' and I asked her if she would want kids one day (she is almost 40) and she said to me (which is very sad) that she can't have children and has been trying for years with MC and can't adopt either. I felt terrible. To make matters worse my supervisor also told me his wife took several years for her to conceive and have not been able to try again and also want to adopt but have been on the waiting list for ages even though they are both on good pay and a big house ect...

I can't imagine how my colleague would feel if I told her I was pregnant! :\( I am really really worried that they are going to treat me differently..... I know I am being silly but I am so worried!!!! :cry:

Thanks for listening, I know there is not much to say about it but its nice to talk to you ladies about it!! Anyone else REALLY nervous about telling work when you do get your bfps?


  • Hey sweetie

    don't feel bad, they will probably be extremely happy for you, but will be understandably sad - like when there are lots of bfp's on here and girlies have been trying for months.

    Its just one of those sad things, they wouldn't want you to worry about telling them!

    Congratulations on your bfp!
  • I'm sure that with the heartache that your colleague has suffered she will be happy to hear that you were TTC and succeeded as I don't think she would want anyone to go through what she has to go through or the feelings that she has. Maybe take her to one side on her own and tell her rather than either letting someone else tell her or doing an announcement and at least she will know that knowing her circumstances you have thought of her and the awful situation that she is in.

    I often feel envious when I read BFP posts from ladies that have been lucky on the first month but then I scold myself as I would never want anyone else to feel the same disappointment I feel every month if that makes sense. x

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  • Thanks ladies- I haven't got my bfp yet but hoping I will soon!! Just a bit worried to tell them when I do. (sorry if it sounded like i did hehe) Yeah I was slightly worried she would be a bit sad about it because when people say they have bfp I am soooooooooooooooo JEALOUS lol!! I don't really know them all the well at work because only been there 6 months so only starting to get to know them properly... xXx
  • Hi Charlotte, hope ur doing ok x

    You work people will be ok, I get jealous all the time but it soons subsides into happiness for them.

    image xxx
  • Hi Rosemary! I am ok thank you- How are you? image I had my first real af last week image So I am happy, was only 13 days late which is good because some women take months. I am trying really hard this month for a bfp!

    I really hope she will be happy for me! Both woman I work with are almost 40 and don't have kids so I wont have anyone to talk to about pregnancy stuff image My friend had a baby but she moved to Spain!! I will have to come on here everyday when I get my bfp... wait a minute I am on here EVERYDAY?! How sad am I?! hehe

  • lol i am here most days, and we've even put of ttc due to stupid reasons... so its still very early days for me but we are upsing every now and then!
    Glad everything is going ok, nice to keep in touch with ladies!
  • Sorry to hear you have put of ttc for now... I shouldn't really be ttc yet because we don't own our own house but I don't care, renting is fine with me! Hope you get to ttc soon and everything gets sorted... It is nice to keep in touch with ladies on here and we all listen to each others ups and downs! X
  • Its just stupid money crap, lost a lot for something i didnt think was important. Oh well!

    I am hoping to get a job soon and then as soon as that happens i am ttc like mad!!!
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