whats the average normal temp?

hi all

im charting my tempetures now...i been getting 35.4 - 35.8 for like 4 days now...is this an ovulating tempeture?

what should it normally be?...i think i ovulated yesterday or today?

thanks!image xx:lol:


  • Not sure what is should be but mine is usually about 36.4 or above.
    V xx Sorry that doesn't really help does it. Doh
  • Hi there

    Really you need to chart for whole month - have you looked at www.fertilityfriend.com - it really helps you to chart your BBT and pinpoint your ovulation day.

    This month mine stayed around 36.2 - 36.5 but dipped down to 35 just prior to OV. HTH!
  • there is no 'normal ' temp for OV, OV is when you get a sunstantial rise in you temps x
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