I really can't believe I have my BFP

Hi all,

5th month ttc and I have fallen pg??!!!

For the first time ttc, this month I used ov tests (which were really eratic, about 7 out of 10 days showing as positive and the rest negative), also tried meauring my temp, which again was eratic. Lastly I checked my cervix and cm - all of these investigations lead me to believe I hadn't ovulated, so when af was due I didn't even think it possible I could be pg!

Was due on Sat/Sun, started getting mild cramps Sun eve, so just thought cycle was messed up and would be longer cycle than normal (brilliant!), woke up today and no af...again didn't think anything of it!

Today I went to the canteen to get some lunch and selected mushroom stroganoff - mushrooms and creamy sauce is usually my favorite - when I was nearly sick due to the smell, I thought it strange!

My husband made me do a test when I got home from work - did superdrug one first which came up +, then did CB and again came up +......

I really am surprised, so much so, I almost don't believe it!!! I have had NO symptoms at all, apart from being slightly late with af and almost being sick today, oh and a slightly 'light' head - couldn't concentrate! I now still have light cramping occassionally, a bit like period cramping.

Well it's only early days, so finges crossed, hopefully this can give others the knowledge that you can get pg without thinking it possible!!

Lots of baby dust to you all! image



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