Anyone going private??

Hi girls,
I've had my letter giving me my date for my scan for PCOS and my dad says i have private BUPA health care. Just wondered how i got about sorting it out. Do i need to talk to BUPA or the consultant or my doc or the scan department. Any ideas.
I know Mummywannabe has gone private just wondered if anyone else has any experience?


  • hi slow - didn't want to read and run. when i have gone private for other things in the past i've rang up the health care provider first to see if i am covered and if they would give the go ahead, then i've taken things from there.
    not sure if it is the same in this case though
    good luck hun xxx
  • Thanks mrs_e. I'll see what i can find out.
  • hi SLOW we have gone private and once you know you're covered, all we had to do was to ring the hospital (you'll need to find a BUPA one nearest you) and make an appointment with a GP surgery suggested some names and hospitals to us but Im sure the main BUPA numebr will tell you.
    Its great you have some insurance - altho you might not be covered for everything - but some is better than none! We have none at all!
    ...and even better your Dad is thinking about you and TTC!!

  • I know, i couldn't believe it!! Dad obviously wants a little grandchild. Its great he's being so supportive. Gonna get on the phone tomorrow. Thanks
  • problem - if its anything like my treatment within a week you'll be tested and spoken to with a treatment plan! bit whirlwind but if you're impatient ike us its worth it! good luck
  • Am glad you posted this question as I have been confused about the process too.
    I have AXA PPP healthcare but looking at the policy booklet I don't think I will be covered. Am going to call up just in case but I think it's unlikely.

    Spoke to the London Endocride Clinic today for infor - Initial consultation is ??300!!!! YIKES. Follow ups ??150. They couldn't even say how much blood tests etc are but I think I can safely assume it will be crazy expensive.
    Am gutted, really wanted to go to that clinic as the consultant is such a pcos specialist. Trying to talk hubby into it but he is adamant it's too expensive and we should try NHS first, but I just know they won't do anything.

  • ...Baby B - is there not another clinic you could try? it may be that prices in London are more expensive but those prices are very expensive so maybe another clinic/hospital might be better? I know you want that consultant but im sure another would also be good? xxxx
    p.s. I'm saving all my receipts so that when junior eventually arrives, I can prove how hard we worked for him/her when they do my head in!! hahaha!
  • Thanks guys, i guess my first step is to ring BUPA and see if i'm covered. I will be on the phone at 9am sharp, will keep you posted.
  • Yeah, I should look into somewhere else really. I guess that clinic is just super expensive as he is such an expert in the field. Should probably leave that as a last resort if I can't get sorted somewhere else.

    I will call AXA and see if I'm covered at least. And if so ask gp for advice on who I should get referred to. Am going to beg gp to do some blood tests next week too.

    Good luck all! xx
  • Slow,
    not related and sorry to but in, but I was just wondering if you had tried agnus castus for your pcos and irregular cycles? Just because I have tried it the last couple of months as I have short luteal phase and it changed the day I ov'd from 18 to 15 already, so hopefully luteal phase will be longer; and I was looking it up yesterday and lots of sites say it helps with pcos and irregular periods, you can't take it when you're on clomid, but until you get to the clinic etc it might help.
    lucille XX
  • Thanks lucille, i didn;t take it to start with but then gave up, maybe i will start taking it again up until i get my scan date. Going private now so should get appoinment in next week or two. Yay.
  • Did you speak to Bupa? Will they cover you? x
  • Hi, yeah they cover me up to the scan part then any treatment will be NHS. Just waiting now for my consultant to write a letter to private hospital to tell them what needs doing then should be go go. Hopefully in next week or 2.
  • Yay - hopefully you will get somewhere soon then!

    I have read my entire policy today and think I might be covered for the diagnosis part. Hubby is going to call them (as I am too chatty and will end up telling them about ttc!)
    There is a private hospital literally 10 mins away from us that they cover so fingers crossed I can get gp to refer me there.

  • Yay, we're all gonna get BFP really soon, i can feel it!! BUPA are a bit odd becasue my more local hospital have a private department but BUPA don't do fertility things there so i have to go to another hospital which isn't far away, about half an hour and see them there then come back to my consultant at the other one again! All confusing i know! lol
  • Hmmm, hadn't thought that maybe the local hosp doesn't actually do fertility/pcos things....
    Doh! Oh well, will ignore that for now and not let it ruin my good mood - they are rare at the mo so need to make the most of it!!
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