Too Soon??

Hi Ladies,

I'm going a little mad here. We started trying on Boxing Day, according to my calculations I started OVing on the 2nd and will potentially continue until the 7th (give or take a few days to be on the safe side!) and I have felt it happening as I always do-that dull ache.
For some reason they feel much stronger now with some back twinges. Is it possible I could be experiencing pg symptoms after a week or am I trying to make more of it???

Please help!!


  • I would think you're probably just more aware of your symptoms this time lovely. Wait and see - try not to think about it too much x x x
  • Its very good news that you are noticing your OVing symptoms. That will always be very helpful.
    Good luck.
  • I'm terribly impatient! We've been BDing almost every day and then I've laid with my hip elevated (looks rather funny!) for an hour afterwards to help things along. We thought we would try as much as we can up to after I finish OVing to give it the best chance. It's our very first time trying, so here's hoping.

    HomeFairy, I'm lucky that I can always tell when I'm OVing-I don't think I'll need those sticks to tell! x
  • urgh i know what you mean about being impatient, im like a crazy person and this is only our first month of trying too...i cant imagine what i'll be like if im here for 6 months or more!
  • Hahhaha my GOD can you imagine what we'd be like?! My AF doesn't put in an appearance (supposedly) until around the 17th-20th so I'm going to be going NUTS until then! I have a 23 day cycle too which is a plus for me so I don't have to wait those extra few days, but friends of ours have a month old baby boy who we went to spend time with last night...sooooooo broody!
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