Hi Everyone, Im new!


We have just recently started TTC.

I came off microgynon at the start of march after being on it for just under 10 yrs. I had my period a few days later, as expected then started my first pill free wait for my next af. I had my af on the 11th april, i think it worked out that it was about a 35 day cycle (still trying to get my head round working out cycles etc).

I got my period a lot sooner than i had thought as ive heard of quite a few people who dont get anything for months after coming off the pill, so ive got my fingers crossed that things continue the way they are and that i end up regular pretty soon.

Ive started taking folic acid daily. Is there anything else you guys reccomend? ive heard agnus castus si a good thing to take?

My oh's brother and his fiancee announced on saturday that their 8 weeks pregant, wasnt planned, but is a happy surprise, and altho im over the moon for them, iwas gutted too. Ive never been a jealous person but i was very jealous of them! extremely happy for them to tho!

Hopefully we will have some happy news to share soon too!

Also, should i buy some opk or is it too early being only my 2nd month off the pill?

Good luck to everyone else who is trying!xx

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  • hi broodylinz, and welcome, congrats on ttc! awww its nice that other people have happy accidnets, but it does make my poor empty tummy sad too. with the agnus castus, its mainly used to make periods more regular, so if your AFs go back to normal i wouldnt use it tbh, as if you take it after OV it can cause m/c. OPKs do help alot of people, so its personal choice really, ive started off just trying to read my body, but if weve been trying for 6 months and still had no luck i will prob invest in a monitor or some OPKs. i have also heard pre-seed is good. good luck hun xxxxx
  • Hi image
    I'm moving onto ttc this month too- am CD2 at the minute. I have a daughter who was 16months yesterday and we're dying to get a brother or sister for her.
    Don;t feel bad at being a little jealous- just shows you're more than ready for your own baby that's how I see it. We lost a baby at christmas when was 18 wks preg and have 4 friends who are all coming due over the next few weeks who were my bump buddies and I'm a little bit jealous but not in a bad way - I'm delighted for them, but to me that's just human nature to be sad when want it so much. In the meantime relax and enjoy the babymaking and at least you'll have someone a few weeks ahead of you to tell you what to expect when you do get your bfp x
  • Hello and welcome to ttc!
    I came off my pill (yasmin) at the end of feb, had the wd bleed then my af 35 days later. I'm taking the tesco pregnancy vitamins - they are suitable for before, during and after pregnancy so popping them every day!
    I wouldn't personally start with the opks yet, like mummychop says just try and relax and enjoy the babymaking - it is a fun and exciting time but we can get so worked up with ttc tht we forget about the fun part. Lol.xx
  • hiya! And welcome, im pretty new too, came off the pill on 15th march had pill bleed 19th march, was convinced i was preg as had weird symptoms but af arrived on 16th april exactly 28 days, so im praying this will be my lucky month! Fingers crossed for us all! X x x
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