Full Of PMA!

Morning all!
I'll be oving at sometime today and my donor is hoping to make it-he's down south at the moment, so it depends on the weather and the roads. I'm just so positive today that you'd think it was my first attempt not my (?) twenty third!!!!
Anyhow if anyone needs some spare PMA come and grab some!
And while I'm at it


  • Loving the PMA Helen, you go girl!!
    Merry Christmas xxx
  • oh Helen im wishing you the very best of luck chick

    Hope you have a very merry christmas egg fertiliseing and hope grace has a fantastic time also

    Merry xmas everyone
  • Best wishes, hope he makes it back!
  • Send some pma my way!! Good luck hun, hope he makes it down xx
  • Wow Helen, you certainly sound like a happy bunny! lol. I wish you all the luck in the world and im keeping everything crossed that your donor doesnt have any trouble getting to you and your little eggy!! lol.
    Happy christmas to you and little grace, i hope you both get what you want this year!! lov Debs xxxx
  • Good Luck hele hoping 23 time lucky :lol:
    Here's to a new year BFP x
  • Thanks everyone!
    It was after midnight when he arrived and around 1.30 am when I inseminated. I think I oved around 12.30 yesterday lunchtime as thats when my ov pains peaked.
    I am so hoping that it wasn't too late.
    Good luck to everyone for next year. Lets hope we all have new lo's for christmas eve 2010.
  • Good Luck helen hope his swimmers were strong lol
  • Good luck Helen! If pma = bfp then you are well on your way to getting one! Fingers crossed for youimage x
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