AF late! Should I test? - UPDATE

Ok so i'm not out yet!
AF was due yesterday but I did a test yesterday morning which was negative and one last saturday (slapped wrists) which was negavtive. My cycle has been spot on 28 days since I came off the pill and all the af symptoms I had last week have virtually gone today (apart from needing the loo every two mins but get that every month)!
Should I test again tomorrow morning if she hasnt arrived or do you think it is just wishful thinking? I'm not sure I can bear to look at another negative test


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  • I restrict myself from testing more than once a week as it really breaks my heart when it's a bfn :cry:.

    BUT, in your case, i would have to test... maybe every few days?? image

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!! x x x
  • oooh well if you have been spot on 28 days i don't see why you shouldn't be hopeful. what tests are you using?
  • Cheapie test strips off ebay that should detect early (i'm hoping these are just rubbish tests!)
    I can see myself turning into a bit of a POAS Addict!!
  • I would leave it a few more days before testing.
  • Try to wait a few more days. If you can!

    Personally, like Tiny T, I have started restricting myself. Disappointment and cost stopping me doing it every single day.
  • Wait a few more days hun. That way if you have a wonderful bfp, you can wait for it to show up and avoid anymore bfn!!! xx Good luck.
  • GOOD LUCK! fingers crossed for you!!
  • So? Have you tested?!
  • I'm gonna test in the morning and if still no AF will leave a week and then test again, feel like the witch is on her way tho so might no get chance although the twinges are different to normal cramps. Would be lovely to get a BFP before we go see the Foo fighters on friday!!
  • AF arrived this morning image although I'm glad in a way because I was spared another BFN.
    Have decided to think positive and January will be here in no time. We are getting married in October and would like to get fit in preperation for ttc so have plenty to keep me busy!!
    Good luck and I hope you all get your BFP's very soon!
  • Sorry she got you! Good luck with your wedding preperations, those months will go quick. xx
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