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Right that's it! I'm buying a CBFM!!

Title says it all!! The witch got me again! I must be doing something wrong! Or at the wrong times!! Have tried CB digital Ov sticks but I clearly still do not know when im ovulating! So there is only one thing for it - The CBFM!!!! Onto month 4!..... :cry:


  • Sorry she got you.

    I will say though we had 12months of 'seeing how it goes', a couple of months using OPK's then I got a CBFM and although I'm only just into my 2ww I have loved using it and it's really given me lots of PMA - even OH seems to think this is the month. Good luck x

    Oh Masters Online Pharmacy had a great offer on them and the sticks so it might be worth checking it out x
  • Ah thank you broodybeth! It is great to hear u have enjoyed using it, is masters where u bought yours?

    I am just getting frustrated now as I never imagined conceiving would be so damn difficult!!

    Wishing u all the luck in getting your bfp from using it this month image
  • I thought that as soon as we stopped being careful it would happen straight away, I wasn't on the pill or anything so it wasn't like it needed to get out of my system. Oh how naive I was :lol:

    No I didn't get mine from there but a lady posted a couple of weeks ago (sorry can't remember who) and she had got a proper bargain with it... I think it was supposed to be ??89 for CBFM and 2 packs of 20 sticks but the delivery company turned up late and she complained and they gave her ??50 so it ended up costing her ??39 :lol: I love a bargain! I saved the link so if I have to buy more sticks I can get them from there.

    If you get one ordered this week you should be able to use it this cycle and hopefully get a xmas/new yr BFP - I know it has been successful for a lot of ladies on the first month so fingers crossed :\) xx
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