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Hi Girls

Hope you are all well, just dropped by for advixce really, i have PCOS and am on my first month of Clomid, it is now day 26, on Friday (day 23) i noticed pain in my right ovary, I thought it may be OV pain so bd with oh, but it was soooo painful, the pain is still there now and when we bd yesterday was painful again, any advice would be great, I have all but convinced myself that I have an ectopic pregnancy!!! OH thinks I'm being rediculous!!!

Den xxximage:cry:image:cry:image:cry::?:?


  • Hi, didn't want to r&r. I'm not a doctor so I don't know how correct this is but from what I know (which isn't much!) as your ovary grows an egg it develops in a follicle which then releases the egg. The cysts on your ovaries can get in the way of this when you have pcos. Clomid stimulates various hormones to hopefully lead to egg production. I thinf Clomid has been known to increase the number of cysts and it can cause these cysts to enlarge and/or burst. Maybe this is what is happening here?? Alternatively you could just be ovulating!!! My sister in law had pain for 3 days when she was ovulating on clomid. It really hurt when she got up and sat down. (wierd eh??!) But it was a good sign as it meant she was ov-ing and new when to do the business (uuuurrrgghh tmi when it's family!! :lol: )

    If it is your first month is the doc running any scans or bloods to check you are ovulating? If so then mention it too him/her when you next go in or alternatively make an appointment and put your fears to rest.

    Good luck, I hope you are feeling a bit better this morning!! xxx
  • Den,

    Hope u r feeling a bit better just though i would let u know that i am on my 2nd month of clomid and last month round about day 26i started to get really bad pains simular to ov pain. i ran the doctor and they did not seem that bothered as i was worried about hypo watcha ma call it. he said if u have really really bloated tummy and pains r so bad then go 2 A&E but they seemed to go after 4 days and then i got my AF i have put it down to all the hormones in ur system and being a bit mucky cause of the the clomid. i also did not ov last month but got 2no poss on tests this month and went for my 21 day bloods yesterday. hope u r felling a bit better try not too worry to much... and think it will all be worth it in the end when u get ur BFP.

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