morn girls.... CD21 and 13DPO and trying 2 keep my PMA lol

can test anytime really as i hve a 25day cycle.....not buying one till wed tho and will test thurs morn which will be CD23 and i think im going 4 superdrug tests as ppl on here seem 2 get good results with them,,,,ive had sore boobs and some CM but trying not 2 get excited lol

anyone else in same boat?

x holly x


  • Hi,

    Yes meeeee!

    I've heard the SD tests are very good.

    I'm on CD26, 10 DPO (had a 32 day cycle last month) and I haven't had any symptoms the past couple of days. Last week I did have creamy cm (sorry tmi), had sharp twinges in stomach and was very very tearful. I'm just about to go into town and I'm very tempted to buy a couple of SD tests and may test in the morning with fmu or maybe Thursday so nervous though as I really don;t want to see a BFP. It's our first month of using the CBFM so fingers crossed.

    Lots of luck to you hun
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