Morning ladies

I have been having a good read on everyones posts so I wanted to send {{{{{big hugs}}}}} to all that are waiting for AF and having no shows and all that are generally just confused by what our stupid bodies put us through and {{{{{{Big Congrats}}}}}} to all that have had their BFP's over the past week or so :\)

Just wanted to ask some advice really see what your thoughts are, I should be on a 39 day cycle so AF should be due on Thursday, and I have been testing last time was on Saturday stupid I know as I knew it was going to be a BFN!!!!

Anyway for the past week symptoms have been getting stronger to the extent where I juist can ignore them any more, I have been getting:
Sticky CM....then yesterday I had wet/slippery CM
Severe Nausea / especially on the Saturday evening
Lower abdominal some points feels like a pulling sensation
Dizzy almost my head is floating above my body
Indegestion has now started to kick in
And OMG so hungry I am eating everything in sight lol

I have used all my tests now so no chance of doing any now until I get paid till the end of the month, just I have been trying to ignore the symptoms as we all know what tricks our bodies play on us...but they are getting so strong now its hard to ignore.......:roll:


  • morning image ur symptoms do sound good, hope uve done it image its kinda god that u cant test til u get paid tbh, that way u dont risk getting a bfn. hopefully she doesnt show!
  • Very true hun, although it is going to drive me slightly bonkers lol xxxx
  • hope ur both lucky image
  • OMG I've had similar symptons but haven't the foggiest when I ov'd so was just playing the waiting game for AF!!

    Been really hungry (just eating toast now after having porridge this morning!)

    Last night I had a pain in my lower abdominal left hand side and then it moved a bit. Yesterday and this morning had same wet CM. This morning really tired (and keep waking up last 4-5 days at 5.30ish) and had back ache!

    My last cycle was 28CD so should be due on Friday.

    I think it's my mind playing tricks though and as I haven't really sympton spotted as much before knowing me I probably get like this all the time anyway and never notice it! The only thing I have noticed is when AF is due boobs are sore but they're not at the moment but then I may not be on a 28CD!

    Fingers crossed for you!! xxx

  • I really feel for you hun, its so confusing isnt it?
    I am getting a wet feeling today like my AF is coming havent been to check yet.....majorally need to pee today also and I have only had 1 cup of tea lol.....hoping its a BFP for us both huni xxxx
  • Ive got a fiver in my purse that is shouting at me to get a test lol trying not to though think I am going to see what Thursday brings and if AF doesnt show then I will test at the weekend.....hoping for a BFP so much xxxx
  • so confusing!!! I didn't realise my body went through all these changes till you're actively looking for it!

    My mate has just sent me her 21 week scan aswell today and hoping fingers crossed it will be me soon lol!!

    I'm having the attitude what will be will be though and it'll happen when it's ready! My OH is a bit psychic and although I'm skeptical (although when we first met he knew about my nan and grandad who had died and I never told him anything) he can sense a baby soon! Just what I need to get my hopes up every month lol!!! I'm planning my 30th bday party at the moment to keep my mind away from sympton spotting.....this 2ww is a killer! x
  • O huni its bloody hard work ttc isnt itimage .Having read your post huni it sounds promising but try and hold off testing till your af is due though so your not dissapointed just in case you get a bfn but that is easier said then done i no!!
    Fingers crossed for you! image
  • Thank you ladies for the responses I appreciate it, just so hard when you have no idea what your body has got planned for you when you start TTC....see what Thursday brings definitely xxxx
  • Couldn't hold off - got a SD test at lunch and BFN! Naughty I know and will be a lesson to me to hold off of testing!

    Had lunch and now feel sick......dunno if I've eaten too much though lol!!! Reckon I could eat another meal again I'm so hungry!

    I will wait now till Friday and stop being impatient!!
  • hoping2beamummy, I am in exactly the same boat. AF is due Thursday and we tried extra hard this month (SMEP) - I had so many symptoms last week. I am convinced I haven't done it so am forcing myself to wait until Thursday to test and it is agonising. Interesting to hear you had indigestion - I have had such bad indigestion the last 2 days that I have felt so nauseous. I keep putting it down to stress. Am starting to think I ought to go to the Dr if these symptoms aren't a BFP. Good luck ladies. x
  • Morning ladies

    Nicnol: naughty, naughty tut tut lol....I am the same though hun I tested last Saturday using my last test knowing full well it would be a BFN but I am just getting so impatient and I want to know now!!!! image

    MrsEH: How long are your cycles? mine are 39 at the moment but knowing my bloody luck it will be longer this month temp has gone up also last Thursday it was 97.79 degF and today it is 98.04 idea if that is good or bad as I never done the BBT before....oooooo the confusion lol xxxxx
  • hoping2beamummy my temp has gone down slightly! Still getting a wet feeling and last night had really bad ache which is what I have when I'm actually on AF not before! Got same again today and twinges in lower abdomen have moved now to other side!

    Just feeling really tired aswell but I definitely feel as if AF is on it's way.....I'm going to hold off doing another test till the weekend at the earliest! Even did an OV test last night incase it was that I was experiencing! Didn't even get a faint negative line so ruled that out!

  • hi. A constant raised temp is a sign of pg! Your symptoms sound good to me. I am sharing the on off nausea which lasts most of the day and is getting more and more like i will puke. Stronger. Dizzy head and tiredness is horrible to core with and i'm off random foods mainly due to smell. Haven't got full on cramps but weird feelings and achey. Also cm ibs been thin and increasing a bit. Getting a touch of heart burn if i don't eat. We are symptom twins! Good luck for testing.
  • Robin81: Ooooo dont say that I am trying not to think about it too much lol....temp has definitely gone uo though over the space of 5 days....with regards to the CM do you find sometimes your dry and then others its smeared over the tissue? sorry tmi I know...but even if the tissue is dry I have a poke up there (again sorry tmi) but its definitely wet up there just not coming off on the tissue...anyone else having it? I am not getting the bloating feeling that I usually get when AF is due to arrive so I am taking it as a good sign just want Friday to be here now as I am not testing till then. What cycle are you on hun? xxxx
  • Hi
    For me it is very thin and shiny, not stretchy but clear or white when it dries. (sorry!) Almost like water its that thin.
    Not sure what cd I am on as had a weird one. Its 50 days since start of my pill wd bleed but had ov symptoms 15 days ago - so taking it as 15dpo which is sort of when an af should arrive I think?
    So might test tomorrow am or sat am.
  • Ooooo sounds goond then hun....I got creamy cm last night and my (.)(.) are really aching today feel like someone has given them a good punch lol....I am tempted to test tomorrow when AF is due but think I am going to hold off until Friday morning and see what happens.....had a dream last night that I took 3 tests and all of them positive and I didnt know who to tell I was PG lol weird dreams I am having at the moment lol xxx
  • I'm having weird dreams too....and trouble sleeping but think that could be because I am thinking about testing and also remembering to do my temp in the morning lol!

    My (.)(.) aren't sore and they would be now around AF time (due on Friday) not had the cramps as much as I did on Monday but there is still a niggling in my left side of stomach.

    Oh and feeling sick in the afternoon after lunch.....didn't eat loads yesterday but felt really full and bloated and kept regurgitating like I was going to b sick but just acid in my throat.....anyone ever had this!? x
  • ooo hopefully ur dream is a sign? lol. i think u should test 2moro image xxxxx
  • I am going to see if I can sneak out at lunch time today and get a SD one depends on how busy we get though....just want to know now ok done plenty of BD I hope lol xxxx
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